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[ Transcript edited to focus upon important questions and information.
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Rob: OK folks, as promised, we do have Cobra on the line here. We’re ready for a great interview today. We have a lot of repeat questions this month. It’s one actually I’ve been meaning to address with you Cobra. It’s about Karma. I have a couple things I’m going to clarify with that in my reservations. We spoke about this and I want to share this with people. We did receive a lot of questions here In regards to Karma, it has been shared through many different world religions, nature of cause and effect. Just like gravity, it does happen. We are light beings we send out our thoughts and they return to us. At a certain level we have to experience things. You have clarified that . . . and Dr. Frank Stranges also has supported you as well as Omnec Onec the woman from Venus who is from the Astral world. Omnec Onec came to earth to clear up her Karma and have her last lifetime on earth, she chose to come here. I’m going to be sharing a lot of her teachings in my Mt. Shasta Conference. I wanted to read to you what she said about Karma. “Karma perhaps is often mis-understood. Many regard karma as a punishment for past and present deeds. In reality Karma can be positive or difficult experiences. Karma can also be rewards for positive deeds and actions. It all depends on the individual soul. The awareness the experiences and the responsibilities of each particular soul. The more one is aware and more responsible one becomes towards ones actions and relations it has a lot to do for the amount of Karma one accumulates, whether it be negative or positive.” The other thing she says here is: “that Karma is not only accumulated in the physical but other dimensions as well.” …

Q: Would you agree to a certain extent about that understanding of Karma. We had a talk before and you said it’s not necessarily a punishment which she has just reinforced. Can you expound more deeply on that?

COBRA – I don’t agree with the notion that karma is a system of punishment. I don’t like to use that word as it is so charge and it was greatly mis-used by the Archons who actually installs the punishment system on the planet on these 2 planes and on the physical plane. I would simply say that there is a law of manifestation. If you have negative actions you will tend to attract more of the negative actions in the future. I wouldn’t even call it a law of cause and affect. There are many factors which determine what will be manifested. I will simply say, if you focus on the positive you tend to manifest more of the positive and if you focus on the negative in your thoughts and emotions and actions you tend to manifest more of the negative and there is no punishment involved in this. There is no reward or punishment system involved in this. The Archons have manipulated and mis-used that fact by distorting it and by actually creating a punishment system on the astral plane and also on the physical plane. I would never use that word because it is so charge and we have been so mis-used.

Q: Maybe you misheard me I was saying that it is not a punishment system. But the vibration of the experience, if you were like me I can often be judgmental and impatient and that type of energy that I put out can come back to me and it’s a lesson, it’s an opportunity to grow into compassion and understanding as the same vibration that I attracted to myself results in me it’s a learning experience. That’s what I meant. Would you agree with that?

COBRA – I would not even agree with that. I would not say planet earth is a school or a learning experience. I would say that there are much better ways to grow and learn than to have negative experiences mirrored back to you. It’s a closed loop system. Anywhere else in the Universe, if you have a negative thought, you would receive healing. Most people would be open to that healing and would heal. I would say the oldest, all those concepts have been misused to make people believe, to support the recycling system, the reincarnation system that they have something to learn here. It is not true. I do not agree with that.

Q: I’m going to have to disagree with you on that. My understanding and my teachings and all the information that I have felt and understood and intuited and from my own experience, I don’t see it as a punishment system. I see it as a result of yes, cause and effect. Reincarnation is a fact and it’s accepted on all worlds. The material worlds has always had these problems and there have been some new developments as you’ve said that have been reinforced by some of the information that’s what I’ve been getting from the Venusians regarding the nature of the various planes. I wanted to ask you some questions here. Does the earth have an astral plane that is separate from the Venusian or the Pleiadians astral plane?

COBRA – Yes, each planet has a physical body and also has an etheric body and it has the astral body. The astral body of the planet is very much connected with the life forms that are inhabiting the planet. Planet Earth has an astral body which is directly connected with humanity and other life forms on the planet and is of course different than the astral body of the Pleiadians star system.

Q: OK, thank you for that answer. Would you agree that we are souls and that we descend and we begin, go through a process and the souls’s process and purpose in life is to go through a continual process of ascension which starts as a mineral, moves toward vegetable life over extended millions of years and many different worlds experiencing feelings and emotions and then moves into an animal life existence and has a extremely long experience there, many millions of years, then the soul becomes a physical being. Would you agree with that?

COBRA – This is one possible course of evolution. Star People on this planet did not go through that process. The star people on this planet went through a different process when they emerged from the central sun, went through the angelic evolution then descended through dimensions into physicality. Yes, most of humanity on the planet went through mineral phase, went through the vegetable phase and went through the animal phase through millions of years. We have 2 streams of evolution here which are interacting and integrating each other.

Q: OK, the other thing I would like to ask you, along these same lines: would you agree that we are soul body takes on various sheaths or bodies to experience the physical plane? My feeling is what is the purpose of creation on all different planes – is to support life, whichever life it is on that plane. I feel from my intuition and experience and understanding of my soul travels that we are constantly learning, evolving, and growing and that the, I’m going to say, in the past, according to the teachings you’re giving and other people that I’ve had more clarification on now, indicate that there is drastic changes taking place. So after billions of years all the universes are changing and there’s a new vibration that is shifting the positive and the negative worlds in a completely radical and different transformation of process. Would you agree that we become co-creators as a divine spirit spark as drops in the ocean of the infinite? Our individual expressions are co-creators with supreme deity.

COBRA – Yes, I would agree with that.

Q: OK. The other things I’d like you to comment on before going into other people’s questions. I was going to give you the 7 laws that were given to me recently through the Omnec Onec information. The 7 basic laws, these are the divine laws. They maintain these are known on all worlds and the science of soul travel is understood and that the spiritual process of soul travel is a technique used on all worlds to allow each individual soul to have their own experiences. Here’s the 7 basic laws from Venus, then the 7 divine laws. I’d like your comment after I give each 7. 1. Know yourself, be part of the creator. 2. Be thankful for experiencing of existing. 3. Not to judge but accept all beings. 4. To know we have existed in all living forms. 5. Fulfil our responsibilities in each life cycles. 6. Obey the laws of nature in the society in which we exist. 7. To learn from mistakes so not to repeat old lessons. Does that sound good?

COBRA – I would say each person needs to find the answers to that question by them self. Go inside and feel within and see if it resonates with you.

Q: OK. I’ll give the 7 divine laws: 1. Love all living creations. 2. Use our energy to support our worlds. 3. Share knowledge and wisdom. 4. Understand the equality of all souls. 5. Never use power to manipulate or control 6. Know the soul is immortal 7. Give thanks to the one divine being daily. Those are the rules that they go from on Venus. The questions we had about Karma were many but I’m going to go into the questions now and we’ll start running through them from other individuals. How much do you foresee human behavior thoughts and speech improving as soon as the scalar wave technology implants are removed after the event?

COBRA – When the scalar technology is removed I expect drastic improvement in human behavior. That technology is one of the main factors why people are acting strange.

Q: Right now do you feel human behavior more influenced by Archonic technology itself or is it due to an auto pilot mental programming that has persisted for so long and the negative habits have become so ingrained in humans that the scalar technology is not that influential?

COBRA – It is very influential. When the technology is removed the light can come in and begin to disintegrate all mind programming. Mind programming can only be maintained with constant entropy, with constant bombardment with negativity. So when the negativity is removed the programming automatically begins to dissolve.

Q: OK. The Carlini institute has tracked the effects of intense solar flares and coronal mass injection affects on the human body for several years. These symptoms coincide with the timing of solar flares. Extreme strong feelings of electricity running through the body, extreme weakness or fatigue, pulsation in the head, anxiety, racing heart, fever, flu like symptoms etc. Do you have any information you can share about solar flares. Are there other factors you can mention may be causing these symptoms which are a newer phenomena in recent years?

COBRA – There are many factors causing this. One is them is solar flares but it’s not the only one. Solar activity is very strongly correlated with the galactic central sun activity which is also increasing. Of course many of those phenomena have nothing to do with solar flares or galactic activity but are mostly created by scalar technology. Scalar technology can create very strange sensations in the body.

Q: OK, Thank you. We had the compression breakthrough compressing the light down to . . . I think 100 yards or 300 feet from the top of the surface of the planet to below the planet now. We had many many many astral parasites. We seem to move very quickly from the 9 mile limit down to this. Where are we at with the astral parasites, not the individual Archons that are hiding. Where are we at with them right now. Are those mostly removed? Have we gotten a tremendous improvement now that they’ve been compressed in a small area. Is it easier? Are they gone?

COBRA – Yes, there has been quite dramatic progress in the astral parasites. They are almost gone. This is not the main problem any more regarding the non-physical influence.

Q: If they’re so desperate and unmanageable what is stopping the Chimera form detonating the strangelet bombs. Why haven’t they done this yet?

COBRA – Because they would destroy them as well and they want to survive.

Q: Is the RH blood line, some people claim the Holy Grail. Is it traced back to Jesus. If not where does this blood line originate form or is it a myth?

COBRA – I would say a positive 13 bloodline and it also includes the being which is called Jesus on this planet but is also includes many other people. The purpose of that blood line is to bring light to the planet and yes, it is sometimes called the grail blood-line.

Q: Right, what about RH negative blood, the most rare blood. I have that AB negative.

COBRA – It’s a completely different story. Nothing to do with holy grail or lineages.

Q: Here’s an interesting questions. I believe consciousness or soul comes from source and descends. What star system and alien race is the birth of the humanoid race or some people call the Adam Kadmon?

COBRA – OK. Human birth ____ type has evolved in many different places, not only this galaxy but also other galaxies. I would not say there is a certain specific region that is the birthplace of the human race. It’s a universal archetype which is a natural result of the laws of physics. This is the most convenient way for a physical body to function on the physical plane.

Q: Yea, probably falls along the divine matrix of creation. (exactly) Very good. A redundant question here we’ve answered: the 3d matrix is obviously flawed. How can a parasitic construct which is fuelled by energy harvesting ever be rectified. We go back to the parasites and that type of thing. How is this going to happen?

COBRA – OK, you have a matrix which is actually on one level a computer program. Every computer program can be hacked. All technology, all the devices whatever the dark cabal has they have a weak spot and those weak spots will be exploited and all the technology will be removed. The Cabal w/o technology are just human beings without any power.

Q: OK – I would like to ask another question along these lines: What is the situation with the major Archons. Have we had some major influential Black nobility or high level Cabal members been removed lately?

COBRA – In the last few months, not many, but those that are existing are loosing their power drastically. All the Jesuits and the black nobility family are loosing power quite fast.

Q: They’re loosing their support base even among their minions huh?

COBRA – Also, yes. On the highest level they don’t have the power they had before, even a half a year ago they had much more power.

Q: OK, now one person says: I’ve heard and read that humans from other planets have physical bodies. They do not age, do not get ill and live much longer. On each plane the body, to them, has a physicality to it. Doesn’t it? It’s actually a lighter vibration than ours on each different planet depending on the plane – whether they are manifesting on an astral planet, or a mental plane or a higher plane. They’re actually have physical bodies like we do don’t they?

COBRA – It depends on the situation but yes, there are many planets where they have physical life and there are many human forms on there as well.

Q: When they go astral they also have the same body but it’s a light body?

COBRA – It’s not the same body. The astral body is a little bit different shape. It has a human shape but there’s an oval of light around it. (Yes) It’s a little bit different.

Q: Good, exactly that’s what I was thinking. The other question here: I thought after the ascension we could also experience the higher light body. Why do we have to get rid of our physical body?

COBRA – You don’t get rid of the physical body, you transcend it. At a certain point your consciousness integrates everything you need to integrate in this dimension and then then you don’t need the physical body any more. Of course after the ascension you can still create a physical body but you will not be incarnated into the body, it will be just a holographic projection.

Q: Yea, Omnec Onec described life on Venus where they actually… everything is manifested by thought and there is a very strict protocol of teaching how to manifest and how to create… If they want to make a carpet look like tile and feel like grass they can do it. They also have social gatherings where they often will appear as famous people in history from various worlds and it’s the challenge of the other guests to figure out who the person is behind their manifested disguise. It’s pretty interesting there. Here it says: in your recent post the fall of Chimera – you explain that the Chimera were the master rogue group that enslaved the quarantine earth and they enslaved the reptilians and Draco beings. Can you tell us anything about what these reptilians and Draco’s were like prior to coming to earth?

COBRA – There were many places in this galaxy even this planet had a genuine reptilian and Draco and population below the surface of the planet. They were also in many star systems in the Orion constellation and many star systems in the Draco constellation and others constellations. There was a wide spread in this sector of the galaxy.

Q: So they actually lived as conscious beings below the surface of this planet here? – from origin from this planet?

COBRA – Yes, some of them. Some of them are genuine earth based reptilians.

Q: Were they already hostile to humans beings on the surface or was their DNA altered by scalar wave technology to make them tools of the Chimera group?

COBRA – They were hostile, but not as hostile. They were made more hostile because that aspect of their nature was supported and the positive aspect of their nature was not supported.

Q: Why were they separated from us underground. Why didn’t they evolve along the lines and why didn’t they stay on the surface with us and we just would accept them as another life being like other planets?

COBRA – They were removed from the surface when they became dangerous to destroy humanity on the surface.

Q: Oh, who removed them?

COBRA – Other races. Many others. I would say genetic experiments in Atlantis. Some of them went quite far, too far. Some of them actually involved the reptilian race and it became dangerous. so there were… some of the cataclysms in our history actually removed the reptilian race from the surface.

Q: OK. Here’s a question that Omnec Onec answers: if ascension is about going to another dimension, what happens to all the beautiful technology and buildings if afterwards everything just vanishes. According to Omnec Onec: When Venus became astral they went to some of the same cycles we did in physicality. She said the planet just gradually, over a period of time became an astral world. Would you agree with that?

COBRA – Yes, that’s an fairly advanced stage of evolution of a civilization. Humanity is far from that.

Q: Yea, our entire civilization will not be advancing to the astral dimension. Is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, that is correct.

Q: What is the transformation? Everyone talks about 4D, 5D that type of planetary ascension is a long way off. There is going to be a drastic improvement on the physical plane?

COBRA – Not only drastic improvements on the physical plane but different paths of evolution open. We have people on various stages of development on this planet right now. Some of them will be accelerated drastically. The masses will also receive a quantum leap in their consciousness. But their end destination will be a little different.

Q: Here’s a question: What is the moon and why does it not spin?

COBRA – The moon is rotating around the earth and it a natural satellite of planet earth.

Q: Why doesn’t it spin. Why do we always see the same side?

COBRA – Because it’s rotation is synchronized with planet earth.

Q: OK. According to some sources, the earth was considered uninhabitable by the GF because it only had one moon. They’ve indicated that either 2 moons or 1 moon is preferable for habitation due to the drastic emotional instability caused by a single moon. Would you agree with that?

COBRA – No, no. Actually people have many ideas about the moon but the moon actually is just amplifying the emotions which are already present. It can actually be a portal for the light.

Q: I would agree with that. I think it can also be an amplification of negativity too. Would you agree with that?

COBRA – I would say . . . It just triggers whatever has been suppressed. When people resist that process of clearing it can appear to be negative. When people go with the process and are not enemies of their emotions, it will not increase negativity, it will purify it.

Q: How can we bring together the oneness theory of the Archon theory. How can oneness in consciousness and the same time then recognize the negative things and the good things that happen?

COBRA – Actually oneness is source field. It’s a consciousness field of everything positive and it does not include a random function. It does not include the negativity itself. The negativity itself is a logical opposite of oneness and both are existing.

Q: Yes, that goes along with my understanding as well, that the supreme creator is completely perfect in itself and separate in a sense and at the same time we are part and parcel of that divine. It’s actually kind of like a paradox. Here’s a question: For those who decided to come here in Atlantan time before the fall, did we want to have a good thing here created or did we want to help humanity evolve?

COBRA – We came here to liberate the planet. We saw what was happening here and we wanted to stop it. That’s it.

Q: Are some members of soul families of the star seeds in light ships?

COBRA – It’s a huge soul family. It’s a huge Family of light. And yes, many of our soul families are on the ships right now.

Q: OK. Here’s another question: If a decree has been made by the higher powers, the GFL, that no more nuclear blasts will be allowed in order to bring devastating damage to Gaia earth. Why are strangelet bombs even a possible concern. Could’t they be de-activated just like nuclear weapons have been? It’s much more difficult. We’ve talked about that before. Someone says it seems contradictory.

COBRA – It is not. It is simply that the nuclear bomb is a very simple technology and strangelet bombs are a little bit more sophisticated and it’s not that easy to disarm. It’s possible but it takes time and it takes some other factors which are being taken care of right now.

Q: OK. Another question here: There are many stories circulating for thousands of years that the attempt to explain the earth’s history and cause for confusion among the earth’s inhabitants is lost because of the quarantine and the mis-information from the Cabal. Can you talk about the information or myth that an archangel wanted to experience physical matter was the cause of anomaly of darkness? It seems over simplified.

COBRA – There is some truth in this story. There was an archangel that actually wanted to experience that anomaly. He descended into that anomaly with very sophisticated technology and that was the birth of the dark forces.

Q: But the anomaly was already here (yes) creating on the physical planes any way, very challenging and difficult experiences, correct?

COBRA – The anomaly was already there but there was no intentional evil up to this point. (OK) The intentional evil was created as an interaction within consciousness and that random function, that potentiality.

Q: OK – was he of a particular star race?

COBRA – That archangel actually experienced many star systems and actually belonged together ? experiences with many star systems.

Q: Here’s another question about death. I understand for those who can travel in the Astral plane and go to the world’s where people go when they die, it can be verified by the individual. Someone’s said: They’ve read that the light tunnel that people see when they die or have a near death experience is simply a soul catcher for the Archon reincarnation factory. Is it possible to escape the reincarnation process by not following the supposedly loving light?

COBRA – OK. I would not agree with that theory. I would say that when light is light and not light is not light. If you follow the light you will get into more light. It’s not a trick. But yes, there are implantation stations on the etheric plane after you die. Yes there are tricks being made. If you follow your inner guidance where to go, you will most likely escape them. But you see the surface layer on the planet, on the etheric plane is in the scalar field. It’s very difficult to escape the scalar field. People that die are actually trapped in that scalar field around the earth. They usually go to the next incarnation within that scalar field.

Q: And that’s in the lower astral plane they don’t escape it. Is that correct?

COBRA – Now in the lower astral planes it’s easier than it was. it’s possible to escape it but you have to transcend your inner attachments to the planetary surface.

Q: OK. What are those humming sounds heard all over the planet. This was more prevalent some time ago. I have heard sounds. Are these legitimate video’s? Are these hoaxes? Are there some sort of causes for these humming sounds?

COBRA – Yes this sound is still happening. It’s a combination. It was very strong etheric sound but there is also strong plasma scalar technology which creates infra sound which can be heard by human beings or even felt with human body. They are low frequencies, between 10-50 HZ which can be heard by human ear. They can be felt by a low humming vibration in the body which is usually out of place.

Q: Yes. Another question related to that. Is hyper sensitivity that many people are experiencing. Is that due to the electronic matrix or a combination of things?

COBRA – It is a combination of natural ? certain souls which have to be sensitive to have certain channels open. That sensitivity can be misused by the technology of the Archons. All those electronic plasma scalar devices can actually distort that sensitivity in a way that is not comfortable.

Q: OK. I guess I want to ask you a question about the Dogon people. There’s been pictures of space ships on cave walls and stories of a space ship coming down, hollowing out some ground and putting in water and dolphins talking to humans. Is there any truth to that?

COBRA – Yes. That was a visit from Sirius star system a long time ago. There was a strong presence of Sirius population in central and north Africa throughout history.

Q: OK. So this is not really a humanoid it’s more of an animal. I understand the dolphins are higher souls come here – to – according to Sheldon Nidle, to weave and connect the etheric matrix in the oceans and to heal the earth. Dolphins and whales both, but they’re not humanoid. But you’re saying they actually exist as conscious sentient beings like humanoids in what we would consider dolphin bodies?

COBRA – Yes, you see in this Sirius star systems there are many watery planets and many life forms have evolved there. Some of them are humanoid, some of them look like dolphins and some of them look like something in-between.

Q: OK. Do they exist exclusively in the water?

COBRA – Some of them yes, some of them have water as their natural habit. Some of them are amphibious, and some living on solid ground. There are a few planets in that star system that have different configurations. Different ratio between water and solid grounds.

Q: Has the Resistance chosen you or did you choose this task you have now?

COBRA – Actually I have been asked by the Resistance to start a blog. It was not my idea. I have received some suggestions. I was not very happy about it. I felt it was too early. They said, now is the time, just go ahead and start it.

Q: Things take a long time to grow. Are you personally pleased with the support from your crew on the surface?

COBRA – I would say I’m extremely pleased by certain people. Some people have surprised me very positively. Many people have surprised me negatively because there is much less cooperation on the surface than I’ve expected. This is the main reason why it’s taken so long. When I see all those drama’s, I just can not believe.

Q: I know. What do you wish further form the ground crew that we can create or do?

COBRA – I wish people begin to fight this fight together. If you want to liberate this planet we have to cooperate. I really mean that. We need to have a common vision and a common goal and start working together for this.

Q: OK. In my opinion and from what I understand, the reality that we exist in, the physical plane is a manifestation of the collective level of consciousness of humanity. Humanity has been dumbed down, hats, sun glasses and we continually look down. Would you agree that when humanity raises it’s spiritual consciousness and vibration the energies will be ripe for the event. On a certain level people must adhere to the spiritual awakening just as much as learning about what’s going on on the planet. Do you agree that it’s a spiritual awakening process is very important as well?

COBRA – I would say that a spiritual awakening process for humanity is only possible after the event. The event will happen when the technologies of the Chimera group are removed. The light forces are no longer waiting for humanity to wake up or people to cooperate, that of course would make it easier. The transition would be much softer. It is now when the technologies are removed. When all those factors are taken care of they will just go for it.

Q: So you don’t think that people’s spiritual vibrational up-liftment is that significant to creating change on the planet. You think that would be too slow with the levels that we have now. Is that what you are saying?

COBRA – If we’re just waiting for humanity that would take decades or even centuries. There needs to be an intervention of the light forces from above this perspective to make this change happen. Of course every individual is important. Every spiritual group that can be made can make this transition easier and faster. Humans alone, I would not say that humanity is in a state to be able to make this transition happen in a way would make it a good plan because the level of cooperation even between the leading persons in the liberation movement is too low for any coordinated action. That coordinated action ? will come from beyond the surface of the planet and only then I can see the human beings will be able to follow that impulse, that vision and when we have concrete results, concrete proof then people awaken. Human beings can not awaken from inner experience alone. They need concrete proof, they need evidence. That evidence will be provided.

Q: I kind of disagree with that. I think that each Individual through their own spiritual experience could awaken that way. Are you saying that there is no individual spiritual awakening that can liberate someone without the event?

COBRA – It can but I am not expecting this to happen on a massive scale enough to create the event. I would say that the spiritual awakening on a massive scale will happen after the event when people have the evidence and the light presence and when the Cabal will be removed and when the spiritual growth will happen without those obstacles. I’m speaking now on a global scale. Of course, on an individual scale, your individual awakening it’s up to you. I’m speaking of the general psychological ? humanity as a whole.

Q: What is the future of crystals in our lives?

COBRA – OK. Crystals are actually the most highly evolved matter on the physical plane and they can reflect higher consciousness and during the transitional period crystals will have a very important roll in the awakening of the masses.

Q: Yes, the advanced healing technologies will be utilizing sound light and color frequencies directed through the crystals which will act as resonance transducers. Would you agree with that?

COBRA – Yes, yes of course. Similar technology was used in Atlantis and similar technologies were used in man different star nations around the galaxies. This will be slowly introduced but on a much higher level than we have right now.

Q: Here’s a good question you can answer for the new people: Can you tell us the main difference between the event and what the NWO is planning to bring?

COBRA – These two are completely opposite things. The event is the liberation of humanity. It is the removal of the Cabal. It is the freedom of the people. It will give power to the people. NWO – everyone knows what that means. I don’t need to repeat that.

Q: OK. and it does seem that everyone is expecting the NWO to do something to get their big control. We’re deeply involved in it. We’ve been in the control for long enough folks. It’s time to go the other way. Don’t expect an other big negative things. Although Benjamin Fulford and many people talks about a Cabal orchestrated plot in September. Do you have any information on this. Will this be thwarted. Is this being handed by the RM?

COBRA – You see the Cabal has many plans for many false flags for many different levels of extinction events. None of this will work as they want. Now we’re living the maximum level of control is right now. This is the maximum stage of the NWO on this planet. It can only get better. It can not get worse.

Q: Is the universe infinite?

COBRA – I would say the consciousness is infinite. The material universe is limited by laws of physics in matter itself.

Q: Does the story of Noah and the flood have anything to do with reality or the sinking of Atlantis or is that completely a myth?

COBRA – Yes, it has much to do with reality because there were drastic floods in the near east 5,000 years ago and also of course there was a global cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis around 11,500 years ago.

Q: Was he contacted by higher dimensional beings to build an actual ark?

COBRA – Something similar happened, yes, but not just in one location. It was happening simultaneously in many locations around the planet.

Q: That was the only record. There were similar type Noah’s gathering different animals around the planet?

COBRA – yes

Q: OK. What is the difference besides higher self and soul. Are they the same? Can you explain their functions?

COBRA – Basically there are 2 expressions for the same thing. This is your own inner presence. You can describe the soul or higher self. It’s the real you.

Q: OK. Is it possible to be disconnected from the soul?

COBRA – It is possible and this has actually happened to some members of the cabal.

Q: You mean when they’re sent to the central sun?

COBRA – No, when they went to different implantation process through different dark rituals and through their life styles and their choices. Some of them have been disconnected gradually and some were disconnected through different experiments in the past.

Q: That’s interesting. Soul is who we are and retains it’s individual consciousness through lifetimes. So they take over, the soul is disconnected. The soul is sitting in some type of prism and it’s used as an empty shell through a technology?

COBRA – I would say that in the cabal’s cases part of the soul is projected ____ and that part slowly or fast becomes disconnected and has independent life which is controlled by the elementals, by the spirit possession, by technologies and other things.

Q: Are there any particular risks to iphones to other cell phones?

COBRA – They are basically all the same. There are many risks from the cell phones from radiation to surveillance. I would suggest do not use them if it’s not necessary. Use them when you need them but not more.

Q: Another multiple question I wanted to get to is about the Hadron collider. Is it a star gate. Is it being used by the cabal. Is it going to come back online. Can you tell us anything other than what it’s claimed to be as a scientific experiment? Can you tell me. I know they may be taking information and trying to develop negative things from it. In and of itself is it designed as a ley line disruptor, a weapon, a star gate? Is the location significant? Tell us about the Hadron collider.

COBRA – I would just put it this way: in a way there are good elements in that involved in that project but basically the Chimera group is misusing that whole things. I can’t say much because this is classified at the moment. There are things going on there which need to be prevented and will be be prevented. There are elements there that have plans that are not nice and they need to be stopped.

Q: OK. What are the role of the Lyrians in the liberation process? Do you know about them? Can you tell us about this race?

COBRA – OK. I would say that race is not directly involved in the forefront but they are inspiring creativity in human beings.

Q: OK. Do you have advice for star seeds at this time?

COBRA – Yes. I have. I would just remind all the star seeds that they have come from higher dimensions from greater reality and to connect with that greater reality as much as possible. To connect with their home, to connect with the stars and bring as much as possible that reality here. This reality here needs that higher vibration and to connect with other star seeds and other star people in a positive way.

Q: OK. We have a request from several people actually: would like to hear your comments, views and ideas on dreams?

COBRA – Yes, but they need to be more specific than that.

Q: Tell us what are dreams?

COBRA – Dreams are part of the daily cycle. As we have part of our existence on the physical plane. Dreams are connecting us to the astral plane. It’s a way for us to process part of our emotions which can not be processed consciously. Dreams have a symbolic language that speaks to us. Soul tries to speak to us through the symbolic language but unfortunately the Archons and ____ with their technology have the ability to disrupt our dream and to influence what we dream of. We have to be very aware the manifestation of the dream is coming from. Is it coming from our higher self, processing our unconsciousness or coming from Archon technology.

Q: OK. Another question kind of related to the earth changes and stuff. I’ve been told that when we get very close to a pole shift and things shifting on the planet that their electrical systems will not necessarily explode but will short circuit. Is this true something that we can look forward to as a sign that some big changes are taking place?

COBRA – OK, you don’t have to be afraid that the polar shift will happen before the first contact. Nothing like that will happen before the first contact.

Q: OK. Good. Can you comment on the Schumann residence. Is it coming down, or whatever. Can you comment on that?

COBRA – There has been a lot of claims about the Schumann resonance. Schumann resonance is not just one frequency. It’s a series of frequencies which is actually describing the resonance frequencies of the ionosphere. It is not changing. It is simply that there are certain pique key frequencies that excites the ionosphere. This was theoretically proposed by Dr. Schumann in the 1950 and was measured much later. It is not connected directly with consciousness in the way people understand, but yes there is a certain. . . one of the main of those frequencies is resonant with the frequency of the human heart – that is true. This also has some cosmic meaning because there are other galactic resonance frequencies. Schumann resonance frequencies are synchronized with the galactic frequencies on a certain level.

Q: OK. Here’s something out there but several people have asked it. There’s been claims of 15 primary multi-dimensional control beings and that they’ve been responsible for manipulating the grid on earth for 54 million years. Can you comment on that. Is that anything you know about or nothing you’ve ever heard?

COBRA – I’ve heard about this story. The grids have been manipulated on earth but not such a long time. Yes there have been some control beings. Some people have other names for them. All of this is going to be recycled very soon.

Q: Right. Would you say the number 15 is accurate?

COBRA – I would say: it depends on how you group those beings. It’s not linear distribution. (Yea, OK.) You can just say that one major group of 200 people. You can say it’s a top group of 15 people, you can say it’s a group of 12 people. It’s always shifting it’s not a static things.

Q: Here’s a question and we can make it our last one. How much progress has there been in disabling strangelet bombs and their associate etheric scalar weapons and the Chimera group?

COBRA – I would just say there has been progress. I will make a report about this maybe in a week or two. You see, much intel about this has to be classified because it’s a very sensitive operation. This whole thing is much more dangerous than nuclear bombs. Of course, not much can be said about the actual operations them self. This is the reason why there isn’t much intel in the last few months as these operations are under progress.

Rob: OK Cobra, thank you so much. A wonderful interview. We got through a lot of questions. I appreciate your time today. We’ll do it again next month. Thank you very much folks, Victory to the light.

COBRA – Yes, thank you everybody for listening in. Yes, Victory of the light.





[ Transcript edited to focus upon important questions and information.
Link to full transcript can be found at the end of the interview ]

Rob: If you look around you ladies and gentlemen – as you look around the world. If you think and look slowly at the situation of what is going on. We’re not quite ready for the event. I think that’s important for people to recognize. If you look closer. I’ve been involved in this about 45 years now. From my personal perspective I have a calmer long range view of this. I wanted to talk about something else – another very controversial post where a lot of people went hay-wire over. OMG rats were jumping the ship and this couldn’t possibly be and they were just throwing it up. I have to say I understand their perspective from the newly awakened people to this particular post. You gave a beautiful explanation of the Chimera and you mentioned that the mother ships have moved to within 200 miles of the earth’s orbit – of course invisible. I’m going to use a little analogy here. Believe me folks I am not being tongue and cheek because Dr. Frank Strange’s, a good friend of mine, said he had been taken to the inner earth and unicorns actually exist. They actually exist. They fly. Dr. Frank Strange has told me he petted one. One of the people who commented on me, this is probably a newer person and it’s understandable and I’ve heard terms from people like moving the finish line extending the goal posts. You’ve talked about various blockages to the event. We talked about strangelot bombs, we’ve talked about various aspects of collecting the clones, the original Cabal members, the removing of the Archons, various things. You came up with this unique little telling that for some new people, and for me even, it was like OMG really? We have a little black shard which is part of the anomaly and I have to admit one person said: “What is next. We have to find the rainbow unicorn to put the shard into it’s unicorn holes?, then What’s next – we’ll have to find golden horseshoes?” For some new people it’s like these new things coming up.

Q: I’d like you to comment, Are there other blockages that are going to be coming up. How long have you know about the shard. Was this not able to be released. What’s the story with the black shard?

COBRA – OK, basically I completely understand what people are feeling because I went through the same process. It’s like a never ending story peeling layers upon layers of onions to get to the center. This is not a usual planet and we are not in a usual situation. So, I know that for some people this is stranger than science fiction and yes it is stranger than science fiction. There is layers to this and some of those layers are quite dangerous. I have to be very careful what to say and how to say it and when to say it. I don’t want to put anybody or any operation in unnecessary risk, so that’s why I have to be very careful what to say and when to say, also regarding the issue you are talking about.

Q: OK. I understand that. Can you speak a little bit – you mentioned about the end game move to come to the chimera. Can you speak abut anything that is going on. Has there been any progresses and victories in that regard or is this all still classified?

COBRA – There was some progress. I might be able to release a short post about this in the near future, but most of this is still classified. Simply, it’s a dangerous situation. It’s not easy. It’s one of the most complex cosmic situations that need to be resolved. (Absolutely. I completely agree with that.) And I would say one more thing. People are always wondering why the positive military doesn’t make a move. It is precisely the reason. The negative military and especially the Chimera group have exotic weapons which are quite dangerous and those need to be taken care of before anything happens.

Q: I want to go into several of the many others. My dear friend Len Horowitz who wrote Reverse Pirates of the DNA spiral, Death in the Air and of course his first book: AIDS and Ebola, nature, accident or intentional. In this book he clearly reveals to people that this is an American biological weapon created by the CDC and the US. When they first released Ebola they wanted to see how far and fast it would spread. They went into the center of Africa and the people died too quickly for it to spread. It seems like they attempting another aspect of their wet dream with this new strain of Ebola which they hope will intentionally spread world wide. Are the death numbers they are revealing real or is this more fear propaganda, not that AIDS and Ebola isn’t absolutely a deadly virus and most likely been received through vaccinations. Would you agree and can you comment on the current Ebola scare, hype, horror story?

COBRA – Basically this virus was developed in some of those bioweapon laboratories in Africa. The purpose of this virus is to create enough fear to install Martial law in the US. Of course this will not happen. That is the plan of the Cabal, this is the reason why they are doing this.

Q: OK. Very good. Thank you for answering all these questions. I wanted to talk about something – false flags in general. A mentor of mine I met in Ashland when he lived there, of course the great person who revealed the information of the Mayan Calendar – his name was Jose Aurgelles. He spoke of various activation portals or light activities increasing vibrations. In one of his activations he said, “from this point forward nothing will be hidden.” It seems to me everyone who is new to this information and especially awake and aware and all those people who are reading true sights and fighting all of this. It’s like a horror story where People are biting their nails every second. They’re reacting to these horrible acts of terror which they should on a certain level. You would agree with me that these acts have been taking place for well over 60 years. It’s just now that the curtain has been drawn back and the intelligent people are aware of it and they keep getting shocked and shocked. This is all Cabal fodder again designed to instigate fear, correct?

COBRA – Basically those things were happening for the last 25K years. You had epidemics of cholera, plague in Europe in the dark ages which were far worse than what we were having now. The mechanism behind that was the same. It was bioengineer weapon and it was spread intentionally. Yes, there were people belonging to the Cabal in the middle ages who had technology to develop those bio – weapons. The situation is now the same. The only differences now is people are aware of what is going on. Because people are aware this will end. Because Awareness is the key to stop this.

Rob – Very good, the whole truth. It kind of shocked me here, the middle ages they had those techniques. I can imagine with the black middle ages version of the Archons and the advanced alchemists in the middle ages cooking up these . . .

COBRA – No! No!! They were beings who had laboratories and were developing this in the middle ages. They were not part . . . I would say break away civilization in the middle ages. A very small advanced scientific group which was part of the Archon Chimera network.

Q: Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Maybe I explained it incorrectly. So that was interesting. So at that time did they have their own antidote for themselves in the royals?

COBRA – For themselves yes, and for the royals, they were obeying their agenda under certain circumstances.

Q: I got a couple more questions and then we’ll get to the regular folks questions. I hope you folks don’t mind. I wanted to clarify some things with Cobra and he’s doing a great job and I hope you will understand where we are going here. We have plenty of time left. You mentioned before that the underground bases are getting closed. I’ve had several other sources who told me recently that the Cabal still has several of these bases that they are constantly pouring trucks and supplies into, hoping to survive. I understand at certain points in time the white hats in the military will collapse certain tunnels and break them down. It seems they endlessly think they can get away and hide. Do you agree they still have some tunnels, I don’t know how deep they are. They are still trying to create hidy holes for themselves.

COBRA – I would just agree with that. The upper most portions of some military bases, I would say 30 meters or less to the surface, there is something. Like you have a cellar your house. Also Military base can have some underground facilities. It is not structured in a way as it was before. There are no fully functioning underground negative Military bases any more. Not in the old sense of how they was a whole network linked by high speed trains. That does not exist any more.

Q: Ok thank you, however I’m not talking about military bases, I’m talking about bomb shelter sellers for the elite.

COBRA – Those cannot give any protection for the elite. When the time is right the resistance can remove them in 15 minutes to half an hour.

Q: Good, that’s what I know they can do. OK. I’m getting ready to go on to the regular questions from our people. Let’s talk about the electronic harassment. I’m still hearing from several sources who’ve contacted me and several people. It still seems the government has some very advanced electronic harassment methods which are being applied to certain individuals. Do you agree these are still going on and is there any progress is ending these programs?

COBRA – OK. Basically what they have is plasma scalar wave technology which is part of the electronic harassment. This can be quite nasty in some cases. There has been some progress in this area but not enough yet. All this technology is tied to strangelet bombs and other exotic weapons. It’s inter-connected.

Q: Hmmmm, interesting. I have read reports that HAARP in Alaska has been shut down and has not been operational. I don’t have any insight intel on that. There have been many many sister HAARP programs around the world. There seems to be some HAARP still operational. Is this correct?

COBRA – OK Basically those HAARP sites are ionosphere heaters. They heat the ionosphere so it creates a scalar network around the world. This has mostly been removed. There are other scalar technologies which are directed closer to the surface and are not quite as effective and those have not been removed.

Q: OK Good. That clears that one up. Now to the last question that I have. I may pop in with another one as we move forward with our other guest. This has always been a concern. I have always felt that the GFL and the Resistance movement would simply stop this from going on. I would like people to know that I was told by a certain person that the pentient chip that says, it plays a musical strum (bruuum) intel inside simply means when you start your computer that a pentium chip inside every computer gives the Cabal network access to every single computer around the world – would you agree with that Cobra?

COBRA – Yes, that is common knowledge. Every computer, every electronic device is connected to NSA servers.

Q: There you go folks. With that said – there have been talks about making laws with internet things have to be removed. They made some powerful moves in Europe especially. I have received a notification from Theresa Sumner today that her web-site is blocked and certain things are happening. This is very disturbing because this is the message and the voice of truth for people access knowledge and awareness. Can you comment on the current state of the blocking of the internet from the public and from true sites in particular being hacked and attacked.

COBRA – Unfortunately, yes this is happening. The reason why it was not happening more before is because the resistance movement and light forces had people inside the NSA to insure the blogs will be intact. This is war and there are situations where things are not going as planned. This is one of those situations. There might be some disturbance in certain cases in the blog-o-sphere but I don’t expect this to go very far.

Q: OK, thank you very much. That’s good news. Hopefully the minor forward motion of the forces of control and censorship will be stymied and ended by the light forces, the good guys will take this over. Now I want to start out with our friend Kauilapele – he’s been kind in giving us information on the recording stuff, which is quite complex. He use to hear from many galactic sources that the use of nuclear weapons would no longer be allowed. You Cobra, mentioned something about a 1958 explosion which was moderated by the galactic federation. However Gordon Duff of Veterans Times – (and I really like that guy. He’s pounding it out there. He’s definitely a white hat in the military.) He’s been releasing many documents of Russian Intel of the variety of nuclear devices which are still apparently available or could potentially be used in the future for terror type attacks.

COBRA – OK. I would say the military thinks they can be used but it doesn’t mean they can be used.

Q: Very good. I would agree with that. I was told by the Galactic Federation many years ago that after Hiroshima no nuclear attack would be allowed from one country to another, although though small types have occurred inside the earth and other places – destroying our ecosphere but never again into a full nuclear attack. Along these lines, are the GFL doing things to neutralize such weapon or are they other than if someone puts their finger on the button it just doesn’t work?

COBRA – I won’t go into technical detail here, but those things will be taken care of.

Q: OK. Is it true that 50K cabal members were offered the option to be taken off planet by the Pleiadians and only 11,000 went. This guy said they were given ascension while we suffer. Would you agree that is complete ridiculousness or is there some truth to that?

COBRA – The cabal members are not invited to leave the planet. They are removed from the planet. They are given opportunity to join the light forces and if they refuse they are taken to the central sun. They work on themselves like everybody else. It is not a reward, it is not punishment. It is simply a clearing process. Yes, some of them have been removed. Many of them have not been removed yet obviously. All of them will be removed at the time of the event.

Q: Have some of them been removed willingly, approached and said “do you want to go” or have they been removed in their arrest process?

COBRA – Basically, some members of the Cabal who were inside of the illuminati network against their will. They wanted to go and some of them went when it was possible. Most of the people who were removed were going through the arrest process or the removal process, one way or the other.

Q: Very good, so this gives a great explanation. There is no ascension. Most of those people will have to go through their ascension way after the average human. Cobra made it clear that they were arrested or some of them were victims at birth and being in families and were taken away from the suffering of their soul and this is an act of compassion and they were taken to areas or mother ships or unknown to be healed. Thank you very much. Now we’re just going to bounce through some of the people’s questions. What is sleep paralysis. They weren’t sure what was going on with sleep paralysis. What is happening with sleep paralysis? Are they caught in the Astral plane in re-entering the body?

COBRA – OK. As I understand this, it is the situation as you re-enter the body and you can not move the body. You can not move the body because the body, the etheric body is blocked by a scalar wave technology that the Cabal is using to control people and to instil more fear. This is in the process of being dismantled but it will take some time to completely remove this.

Q: OK there you have it folks. Sleep paralysis is when you exit your body into the astral plane through sleep or dream mode – if you come into your body there may be a particularly high scalar technology from the dark forces in your location which will freeze you from going into your body. How many Cabal members are there? How many of them are mind controlled vs. making their own free will choices of actions.

COBRA – Everybody inside the Cabal is mind controlled. You can determine their number according to the definition of what the Cabal is. I would say there are a few thousands of the main members. There are literally millions of people cooperating with them and supporting their agenda one way or another.

Q: OK. this may have been answered before. What is going to happen to the unlawful criminal justice system. All the corrupt Judges, Attorneys, Police, correctional facility personnel. Can you comment. Will they be placed in remedial healing. Will they be held accountable for their crimes like raping people inside prisons all that kind of stuff or the corrupt judges who put people in jail for hundreds of thousands of years of sentences which are probably false. What will happen there?

COBRA – OK. At first the truth of this will be exposed. Everybody will have to answer for their actions. It’s not about punishment but about creating a new balance. Some people will balance their actions through positive work towards humanity. Some people will be arrested and have some time in jail. Most will go through a re-education process and re-structuring process. Some of the people will be removed from the planet.

Q: Very good. This is from Ada: Do you know what was behind the Rwandan Genocide in 1994?

COBRA – It’s an Archon creation. Archon’s have organized this genocide through various means. One was a Jesuit network which has put certain people in positions in Rwanda and neighboring countries. Very strong Archon influence from the Etheric and Astral planes which have driven many people insane. This was an organized engineered Archon creation, I would say a black magic ritual on a mass scale in 1994.

Q: The last Archon invasion occurred in 1996 in this region, is there a link to these two? I would say of course, yes.

COBRA – Yes – of course. This black magic ritual was preparation for the dark portal that opened in that area in Jan 1996.

Q: OK. Here’s a question. You explain how the Chimera group came here 25k years ago and set up the earth quarantine that was for the purpose of prevent surface humans from leaving the planet. They’ve been living under the earth’s surface in the same physical bodies ever since. Weren’t the Archons the one who enslaved humanity and ran everything behind the scenes? And how do these 2 negative groups fit into the broader picture relative to each other?

COBRA – the Archons and the Chimera group are 2 sides of the same coin. they are a little bit different. The Chimera are more focused on the technology aspect. The Archons more on the spiritual control, mind control aspect. They are working it together. They originate from the same region on the cosmos.

Q: OK Cobra, thank you very much. Great answer again. You are clearing up a lot of things. I’m really happy with this interviews. It’s going to make a lot of people happy. Many people, like Delores Cannon who are quite accurate and all the prophecies have spoken about the earth shift – causing great upheaval for the surface. We’ve talked about this before being further in the future way after the event when the human surface population is . . . Post “meet the E.T.’s” the end of the century has passed. The event has taken place. People want to know if this kind of pole shift and earth changes still considered for a future day? Is everything balanced out. Will some of us be taken to the inner earth into the ascension like chambers?

COBRA – OK. – information about the physical polar shift is classified information so it will not be released at this time. I can answer the 2nd part. Yes, after the event certain people will be taken underground inside the Agarthan network. Yes, at certain points people will be taken into the ascension chambers.

Q: OK, will that be immediately after the event possibly.

COBRA – Not immediately after the event but soon after the event.

Q: OK. This is a good question for a little light and hope. You talk about soul contract and etheric implants. Someone asked if we have any power over our soul contracts to choose any kind of experience on the earth. The light forces see that certain things happen or do the Archons have all the power and we did not choose any little experience here on earth.

COBRA – OK. you are the ones who created or signed a soul contract and at any moment you can change it or delete it, whichever way you want. Nobody else can do it except you. If you don’t like your soul contract you can just change it. It’s your decision. Of course when you do change it it will take some time for this to manifest. You have to release your attachment to the other parties in the contract. Especially with all the contracts with the dark forces have to be released, have to be revoked, made null and void as soon as possible. Everyone who came into quarantine area had to sign a contract with the Archons. This will be the first thing to be released.

Q: So simply stated, we have been held hostage and it’s been implemented that if we want to incarnate, we sign a soul contract and we are basically bound by that. It sounds like a deal with the devil. Kind of hard to understand or explain to those of us who have no real experience of the life in the Astral or etheric planes and how that relates because of the veil we’ve been blocked to that memory, which is part of that contract. It seems very unfair, of course it is. How do we reverse this. Can we do that by stating the nature of the contract, like we did in Egypt. Does the other side have to be present for us to cancel this contract. Are they forced to agree if we decree and declare it so.

COBRA – Your decision is key – your decision is the key. If you make the decision to revoke the contract it will be done. You have the power and the original soul contracts were made 25K years ago or even longer ago. You agreed on certain levels to incarnate here under the conditions that were given, that were presented to you by the Archons but it doesn’t mean you have to be held to that. You can cancel the contract and the Archons can not stop you. They will try to present obstacles to this. The more people take their destinies in their own hand and change those contract, the more power we will have and the more power the Archons will loose. That is already happening.

Q: Would you agree that the contract ending can be done simply by a person raising their vibration and choosing not to partake or be influenced by any negativity, emotional, fear reaction, anger type issues coming up, simply by the power of decision, and not enacting any of these lower vibrational illusionary, illuminati, Archon created realities that we’ve been in. If we simply refuse to participate and live in the light we effectively nullify that contract. Is that possible?

COBRA – That’s part of the process, yes.

Q: Thank you. Someone said thanks for another enlightening interview last month. This person still wants to know that if they die before the event, what can they do to avoid being hostage to the Archons.

COBRA – It is a matter of the vibrational frequency. If you have the right vibration, the right state of consciousness the veil will not be able to influence you so much.

Q: OK. someone asked would you to answer about alcohol and recreational drugs if any on spiritual development.

COBRA – Alcohol and drugs in most cases have a negative effect on consciousness. If people use alcohol or certain other substances very consciously they can assist temporarily reaching higher states of consciousness. But in most cases the Archons are manipulating those substances to enslave people and tie them with lower astral plane.

Q: Alright, someone has asked if there has been any progress of the removal of the etheric implants and the invisibles after the very powerful cosmic goddess solstice activation.

COBRA – There was some progress but not yet enough.

Q: Is there only one person that acts as a connector between the Chimera and the break-way civilization or is there more.

COBRA – There is more.

Q: Can you talk about the break-away civilization.

COBRA – OK, be more specific.

Q: What is the break-away civilization.

COBRA – The break-away civilization, I would say, a group of people who have access to advance technologies to the point that their life-style is significantly different from the lifestyle of the people on the planet. They are the rich humanity on the surface of the planet. They have advanced technology and their way thinking is different because of their access to that. They lived on the surface planet before they had access to underground bases. They had access to inter-planetary travel some time ago. They still keep access to inside intel and advanced technologies. They are working directly with the Chimera group and most of them are woking on black military projects.

Q: So they have access to advanced healing technologies and things of this nature, yes?


Q: Yes and they keep it for themselves out of a sense of entitlement and arrogance. (Exactly). That’s the world situation going on there. Here’s a question: what changes do you see happening in the world’s educational system after the event. We know it will be re-structured. Can you give us more insight on that.

COBRA – Of course this current Rockefeller based education system will be completely transformed. People will have access to the truth about our history, about science, about the spiritual development, about our place in the universe and the whole education will be structured in a way to create better people and not mind programmed controlled us.

Q: Very good, thank you. Sociopaths are people who exists in our society who can not feel emotion. Are those people bereft of their emotional attachment caused by Archon implants, genetics or Archon scalar technology or a combination.

COBRA – Basically it’s trauma based. Those people have been exposed to cosmic anomalies. Trauma either this life or past life times. Part of their soul connection was destroyed. Some of those people can be healed and some of them can not be healed and some of those people don’t want to be healed.

Q: OK. How will the returning feminine prepare people to receive the mighty “I am presence” and develop our consciousness field toward the light.

COBRA – It is not just about the feminine it’s about the balance between feminine and masculine that will open the channel to the “I am presence”.

Q: OK. After the event, quite soon it is anticipated that projects for first contact will start? Will people be allowed to volunteer for such projects? (yes) Very good. I have a question here – I’ve actually recently talked to someone. I talked to Andrew Basaigo who will be speaking at my conference in Sept. – he was involved in the Mars Jump projects, he knew him as Barry Soetoro at that time. He told me and it’s very interested. It was in a personal conversation with you or another conversation with you on one of your posts where you talk about giant kind of created being on the Orion Rigel system. When we talk about Archon we talk about the major Arcana and Minor arcana of the tarot as symbolic of various dimensional realities in the multiverse of illusion that we’ve all created here. The minor arcana are considered spiders. I talked to one person who was an abductee who had encounters with grays. During his abductions he said there were there were very small spiders, human from the waist up. This is really “out there” for me. I know beings come in different shapes and sizes. Can you comment on these beings. Are these beings from Orion. What’s the story of these spider beings. Andrew Basagio said he saw them on Mars.

COBRA – Yes, many of these beings originate from Orion, from the Rigel system. They are genetic experiments. They are mutations from various races which were engineered by the Archons throughout Galactic history and yes, there were such beings on Mars in the past. It was possible to see those beings in underground bases on mars.

Q: Wow. This is really out there for even me and I’m pretty open minded about stuff. These things themselves are genetic mutations and kind of victims of the dark force from the previous invasions of other worlds, kind of like the grays were. Correct?

COBRA – Yes, in a similar way but much more mutated.

Q: Yes, mutated. I can’t imagine having that thing going on. Someone asked here, they talk about – why is it so difficult to get the break in the non-physical plane with all this negative stuff going on. Why are the Archons so resisting and blocking the process. Do they know it’s going to be ended and their situation is going to end anyway. Why are they continuously fighting and refusing to surrender.

COBRA – OK. They went too far in their direction and they are afraid of what will happen when this is going to end. Their basic motivation is fear.

Q: Here’s a good question: Is there actually a black sun or is that a dark forces interpretation of the galactic central sun and how they see it and if there is one, is it a binary sun that can not be seen by the naked eye or is that a myth created by Constantine dark star worship. What’s the story?

COBRA – It’s the Cabal’s interpretation of the Galactic central sun. Most of the radiation from the Galactic central sun is not in the visible light spectrum. It’s a symbol of the darkness and they have twisted it around like they have twisted many esoteric symbols and have perverted it’s meaning. They do not understand the higher perspective of the Galactic Central Sun. For them it means that.

Q: You stated recently that the little shard, the black stone which is part of the larger one is at the center of the cosmic anomaly and the darkness. Are you able to tell us where and how that black stone originated. What exactly is the abnormally that caused the darkness and suffering.

COBRA – This black stone is actually a very dense condensate of strange or dark quark matter. Potentially very dangerous state of matter which can cause a lot of trouble. On the quantum level it is connected to the quantum chaos which is the source of suffering.

Q: How did it originate.

COBRA – It was created out of nothing, spontaneously.

Q: By fallen beings or just natural . . .

COBRA – It was a natural process like a random function which doesn’t have a meaning. Wild fluctuation on the quantum level.

Q: If anyone was in its’ presence or touched it, would your consciousness or vibrational levels be messed up? Is this what happened to the chimera beings. What happened. How did they find it.

COBRA – It was artificially created. You have those Cern accelerators on planet earth. Imagine this technology much more advanced and it was existing millions of years ago and this top quark condensate is dangerous potentially. It’s not dangerous now but if you change the condition of this condensate, it can turn the planet into a super nova, basically.

Q: I interviewed Veronica Keen who is very sweet. I heard from many people that Ireland and certain ley line point which is called Tara, and of course from my Billy Meier experiences in the early days when I was getting the contact notes, they talked about the Pleiadians contacts and with what they called the Ip-swishes or the equivalence of what we would call Yahweh the misunderstanding of these beings as God’s rather than just spiritual beings. My question is what is the importance of Ireland and Tara as the connective points in the earth ley lines. Is this a super important point or is this just a major vortex like other ones around the planet.

COBRA – It’s one of the most important vortex points because Ireland was part of the old Atlantis. It is one of the strongest entry points for goddess Energy. Partially the reason for this is after the Archon invasion about 1,600 years ago, Ireland was not completely subjugated and Goddess energy was quite strong there for many centuries. It’s still quite strong there now. Those ley lines are actually carrying this Goddess force throughout the planet.

Q: Someone says – in your recent post the fall of the chimera and you say the chimera were a master rogue group that slaved and quarantined earth and they enslaved the reptilians and Draco beings. Can you tell us anything about the reptilians and Draco’s were like prior to coming to earth. Were they already hostile beings or was their DNA altered in scalar wave technology to make them more violent without any emotions or empathy?

COBRA – They were hostile before but they were not as hostile as they are now.

Q: Is there any hope for rehabilitation for the majority of the enslaved reptilians and draco’s?

COBRA – For the Draco there is no hope because they have quite developed mental body. The reptilians there is vast hope because they are very emotional. There is too much focus on lower emotions it is very hard to recover beings like that.

Q: OK. Very good. How much do you foresee human behavior thoughts and speech improving as soon as the scalar wave technology implant is removed and immediately after the event?

COBRA – When the scalar technology and the implants are removed there will be a drastic improvement in well being. People will be much more happy. People will be much more balanced and much less violent behavior among general population. When the event happens the cabal will be removed and it will be even, even, even better.

Q: OK. and the follow-up question is – at this point do you feel human behavior is influenced by Archonic technology itself or is it due to the mental programming that has persisted for so long. and the negative habits that have become ingrained in humans. I know they work together. Which one do you think is more potent?

COBRA – They are so interconnected there is it’s actually both.

Q: 3D matrix is obviously flawed to the very core. How can a parasitic construct which is fueled by energy harvesting ever be rectified?

COBRA – Simply by removing all negativity. The only thing that is left is the light.

Q: Another question I had from Antwon and he’s probably referring as I understand from my teachers is that the light on the astral plane, when a being is there it’s actually different. Everything is self illuminated. At the time of the event is the world, after we make a shift. . . Will there be nothing but light. Will there be no darkness. Literally, as the sun, will there always be light?

COBRA – On the physical plane you will still have day and night but there will be no more spiritual darkness as you can call it.

Q: We always hear about the feminine and the masculine energy but we rarely speak about what they are. Antwon thinks it’s important for the basic understanding. Do you agree that masculine energy is action, movement, uniqueness and freedom and the is feminine is receptivity, compassion, connection and unity.

COBRA – Yes, I would agree with that.

Q: OK. you mentioned a few time that the universe was created as a result of dynamic tension between two opposing forces. Can you talk a little more about this?

COBRA – One is the force of one, some call it the source, some call it God or Goddess. There are many names for this. The other source is the is the random quantum function. The universe was created as a result of the interaction of those two forces. Darkness was not created. It just came into being by itself. This is the reason it is so hard to understand darkness because it does not have any meaning. Suffering does not have any meaning. Actions by the cabal do not have any meaning because they are not originating from higher perspective. It is simply a reaction to the underlaying quantum reality which has not been integrated or absorbed into the one.

Q: Excellent. Here’s a little twosome tidbit for the Egyptologist. Who is Nefertiti. What was her role on the earth. What time period did her reign take place?

COBRA – I would say roughly 3,500 years ago, give or take a few hundred years. Actually during that time period there was a strong battle between two different groups and one of the groups was the ones who are now controlling the religion, the Archons who were try to install basic religion and that first attempt at that time. The other force was the old mystery schools which were trying to keep the wisdom and knowledge of Atlantis at that time. There was quite a strong battle between those two forces at that time.

Q: Were they using advanced technology with the sun ships or the space ships. Were they around or was that more of an earth based thing?

COBRA – No, no, it was an earth based thing. It was more of a magical cult war. Doing magical rituals and infiltration like it is now. It’s quite similar to what is happening now.

Q: I have another interesting thing. More of a recent thing. Of course the cabal and their efforts to inflame the people, George Bush passed a law that illegal aliens children’s coming here will be able to be processed and be able to stay here, kind of a thing to actually obviously incite racial tension and to inflame people. There have been people protesting. There’s been a huge orchestrated movement of children to the US saying some of them from El Salvador involved in the central war gangs and murders going on. I was kind of wondering what was behind all this besides that. Someone told me that one of the plans when they release these children many of them who do have families here and I don’t believe in borders they should be able to come here. If you disagree you don’t understand the financial system we could have. We could have health care for free. It will be no burden. I’ve been told by one person but I don’t have back up evidence to this that They’re going to be injected with a super – Here you can go but you have to have an American vaccination shot. One person said this is intended to create a kind of a deadly plague kind of situation. Another attempt for their FEMA camp and their wet dream biological apocalypse. Do you have more information on this latest moment of boarder crisis. 100,000 children sitting in various camps being flown around the country at great expenses and not being either repatriated to their countries at once.

COBRA – OK. The cabal wants those children for their test subjects for their experiments.

Q: Yes, I’m sure there is a lot of sex slaves. A lot of children will be pulled aside for sex slave camps.

COBRA – This is also part of the situation, yes. (Oh my gosh) So it’s good to expose those people and to release the information of what is going on in those camps.

Q: Unfortunate they’re in the camps. Some people are leaking some information and photo’s inside those camps. That’s all homeland security, ATF, FBI, CIA, NSA, and all the other little robots of the little ubersturm furhrer Bush Sr.. His Natzi, opus dei, vatican puppets that run our country right now. The patriots are getting pretty fed up. At some point Cobra, I mean for those of us which wish to remain non-violent, is it possible that some people within the white hats and the military or some good citizens will get fed up and start to take the law into their own hands and lawfully attempt citizens arrest on these criminals in these locations. If that happens, will the Galactic forces try to stop that if people get crazy and seek to hunt down Dick Cheney and his lair and take him out. I personally think that guy is trying to kill us. I don’t have a problem with it actually seeing him arrested and if he dies in his arrest, it’s a good thing. My personal opinion.

COBRA – I will explain. The light forces will not stop the patriots in actions like this, but there might be problems because, for example, if Dick Cheney gets killed, he can be recycled and put in a new cloned body and come back again. That’s one thing. There are more things to this. There needs to be more unity and organization and coordination if actions like this are ever attempted. If this are just lone attempts of a few lone individuals, it will fail. If it’s a well done coordinated actions of a strong inter-connected group. It can be successful. It will speed up the event.

Q: Yea, it seems impossible to find the leadership and intelligence. Most of the people who do carry the guns and are fed up they’re emotional reactionaries, a lot of them are veterans that have witnesses the destruction of our nation and have seen the lies and are fed up. Many of them have PTSD and are about to go off. It’s a sad situation. I hope there are strong coordinated efforts within the positive military that are planning on . . .

COBRA – Yes, that’s another story there. There are people within the positive military knows exactly what is going on. They are very coordinated and this is precisely why they are not taking action at this point. They understand if they trigger action now before the strangelet bombs are removed or anything else of that nature, that can be very dangerous. (Really) We wanted to take actions decades ago. They have understanding of the situation.

Q: Do any of these guys in the positive military have access to very high technology weapons that can counteract these scalar fields. How many of them have the advanced knowledge of the strangelet bombs. There only a few at the elite top levels that understand the in-depth information between the GLF and the Orion group. Obviously You can’t be telling this to the average soldier. These are very elite circles within the white hats of the positive military groups around the world. Is that correct?

COBRA – Yes. I would say that the top people in the positive military know exactly what is going on. They have excellent intel sources but they don’t speak about it for various reasons. Of course the average soldier can get a lot of intel from the internet and broaden his understanding. The positive military would like for people to be more educated and more coordinated because that is what will be needed at the time of the event.

Q: Absolutely. There is continued – I’ve gone to the sites myself. The US government is still hiring and training individuals to be placed in FEMA camps as security officers and there are stories of all the different round up in places. Can you please reassure us again, that the FEMA camps will not be used. Is there any possibility that they may try to start these up or could this type of action trigger the event.

COBRA – They will not be used to trigger the event. If they go too far the Light forces will take some risks and will stop this. If the event happens in this way, it will not be easy, it will not be an easy transition. Each will happen sooner in that case but it will not be a smooth transition.

Rob — OK. COBRA – thank you very much. It’s been a wonderful interview. For those who have submitted some questions I apologize (for not getting to them). Some of your questions are answered on Cobra’s blog or my spot and we can’t keep asking some of the same questions even though I know they are important to you. Keep researching We will have more questions next month. You can look for this radio show to continue. We’ve had some wonderful responses. I want to thank Ricky Seraphico and the beautiful DaNell Glade from the Financial Leadership of, and thanks to smally who will be creating the video for this. Cobra, again thank you so much. Victory to the light.

COBRA – Thank you everybody for listening and yes, Victory of the Light is near.





[ Transcript edited to focus upon important questions and information.
Link to full transcript can be found at the end of the interview ]


Q: Is there still too much influence on the etheric?  You said last year that the event might happen before the non-physical planes are completely cleared.  Is that still the plan? 

COBRA – It is possible, but I would say that the etheric influence on humanity has not improved much.  It’s a big issues and is still quite a problem.  I will not comment at which moment they will decide to trigger things, or should I say, will be instructed to do those things.

Q: One person that has made a statement that some Pleiadians have supposedly beamed up 11,000 minor cabal members who become cabal and are forced into that situation trough bribes, threats or things beyond their control and were afraid to get out of the cabal.  Is there any truth to 11,000 lower cabal members being beamed up?

COBRA – I will not answer this question. (OK) There are some operations of the light forces and some members have been removed from the planet, I would not comment on the number or the means how this was done. I can only say,  Yes there were some members of the Cabal that have been removed from the planet.  That’s the only things I’m going to say.

So, you already mentioned that some cabal members have been removed from the planet and taken to mother ships and they look at their actions and results and they themselves choose to have their souls re-set to the central sun thus not violating …

COBRA – They have an option.  If they choose to accept the light, they are not taken to the central sun.  They need to go through re-education process. They have to do everything they can to correct the consequence of their past actions .  Some members of the cabal reject that option and don’t want to change over into the light and they are taken to the central sun.

Q. Have there been other cabal members that have wanted to be protected by the Resistance movement and the GFL and had their wishes granted.  (against what)  against Cabal members?

COBRA – Yes, it has happened in certain locations, but it’s a complex situation. Basically Archons do not allow anybody to be contacted by the light forces.  It’s a quarantine situation.  There are many members of the cabal that want to get out but are not allowed to get out.  Not everybody is in there according to their free will.

Q: Now one thing that nobody is talking about.  It says that most of the beings are now infected with self replicating, semi-robotic, non organic nano fiber technologies coming from chemtrails, and of course probably supplemented with food and other things.  These fibers cause pains and sickness and interfere with our rhythms .  Do you know how these unnatural nano fibers can be cleared from all beings on this once beautiful planet?

COBRA – There is a partial solution that, a detoxification protocol that can remove that but basically this situation will be completely resolved after the event.

Q: You mentioned in the last interview that there were technologies to remove this.  Can you please comment on this.  Can we force the cabal to release them now.  Are they available from our current scientific standard or will most of these technologies take place after the event through the GFL and the RM advanced technologies?

COBRA – Basically, the stardust technologies can be used to remove the source of chronic pain.  It can be used to block the central nervous system which will be done at the event for the cabal members, but it can also be used to removed the source of chronic pain, it can repair organs, repair DNA cellular structure.  If there is any type of structural damage to the physical body, it can be repaired in about 15 minutes with star-dust technology.  It’s a pleiadian technology that will be available very shortly after the event.  All case of chronic illness will be healed very shortly after the event with that technology.

Q: Will this be released unbeknownst to them?

COBRA – No . it will be a very conscious and aware process.  Of course people will have to change their way of thinking and behaving.  Illness can be re-created with belief systems and emotional states. .  But whatever has happened to the physical body that will be fixed.  There needs to be a certain psychological adjustment that takes place.  Most people will be healed.

Q: How do the light forces clear the bases of aliens.  Is this done with weapons or non-violently?

COBRA – OK – there were different phases of this process.  When the RM was clearing those bases a decade ago or so, it was done through physical battles, unfortunately.  In the last phase it will be done through star-dust technology which will block the central nervous system of the negative beings and they were taken to the mother ship and then they will have made a choice to accept the light or go to the central sun.

Q: In the last interview you mentioned that these implants still remain, these are the ones that are pushed into the body at birth and are invisible and beyond our technology.  I have mentioned to people and you have mentioned to people about various technologies like the Pleiadians white laser device that I have on my site, tachyon energy which we have on our sites can increase the body’s vibratory field and this can push out some of the lower astral parasites but the main implant is always within the body.  Is that correct and is there any way to make a complete removal of this implant pushed in at birth?

COBRA – You see there is an etheric aspect of this and plasma aspect of this.  It’s quite complicated to explain. The Laser technology is the best we have at this moment on the surface of the planet to deal with those implants. The other problem is those implants are the main thing and the scalar technology, which is part of the Archon network.  It’s actually maintained by rotating scalar field.  That field is actually re-creating that implant again.

Q: These mother ships and the federation members that Cobra talks about, what density and dimension are they in?  3rd 4th or next?  what dimension are they in?

COBRA – They are 5th dimensional beings and above that but of course they can materialize in the physical in the 3rd dimension or 4th dimension if they choose, if they have a purpose to do that.

Q: If they’re not in our same dimension will we only be able to see them when we raise our vibration or can they use their technology to contact us?

COBRA – They can use technology to contact human beings in the 3rd dimension.  Their energy presence is very intense.  Human beings will have to do energy work to be able to maintain that presence and survive that presence because the energy field of an ascended being, a 5th dimension being is very strong.  Human beings will not be able to survive a direct contact. The energy fields of the beings of light that will come will be adjusted to the human frequency, so the human beings will be able to interact and raise their frequencies slowly so they can interact more.  It will be a gradual process.

Q: Can you first clarify who the 144,000 are and if these are star seeds?

COBRA – Yes, it’s actually i would say, a core group of star seeds, those that have chosen to come to earth to transform all darkness with their light.  It’s a symbolic number which describes a very, I would say, a special task force which came to this planet through various phases of history of this planet.  Most of them came here in Atlantis and kept incarnating in various key positions in key periods of history and now this group is here with a purpose of transforming and liberating the planet.

Q: We have all this talk of the Isis or terrorist groups in Iraq.  Is this Cabal type operation to stir the pot?  It seems beyond coincidence that the latest incarnations of the insurgent led revolt in Iraq has called Isis. 

COBRA – Yes, the Archons have chosen that name on purpose.  They take symbol that’s positive and try to associate it with something negative in the minds of human beings.  Now this name is all over the mass media.  If somebody from the street reads about Isis – in human mind their image of fanatics killing people instead of a Goddess of light.  This is how association of the mind works.  They have done the same thing, the Nazi’s have taken a very old symbol of the swastika – which means spiritual evolution, and turned it around into a symbol of evil.  Same thing happened to pentagram and some other symbols in the past.  This is what the illuminati are using for example All Seeing Eye, they have hijacked the symbol.  It’s a symbol of the source and they have hijacked it and it represents an all seeing eye of the one world order.  This is how the Archons work.  Whenever people see to see symbols they associate it with something negative.  And so the positive energy of the symbol can’t flow through.  It’s an occult war that is taking place.

Q: What is the current situation with Archons and Chimera group?

COBRA – Most of the Archons have lost a lot of power in the last half-year and also there has been a lot of improvement. There have been operations of the light forces to decrease the power of the chimera group.  It has been successful to a great degree and I will be able to release some Intel soon.

Q: How many star seeds are there on earth? 

COBRA – I would estimate about 10 million.

Q: Some people have mentioned that at the time of the event, the star seeds in particular will receive healing and it will heal them physically in some way.  Can you clarify if this is true for everyone or for star seeds?  How will this help the star seeds?

COBRA – The healing process will begin at the event and will continue for quite some time. First thing will be a lot of healing because the control of the cabal will be gone. It will release much pressure from human beings and certain emotions will come out and be healed.  Second healing of the mind because there will be a lot of Intel available, which is not available now, and people will have a much clearer picture what is going on.  3rd – there will be healing of the body with new wonderful medicine technologies being released. It’s a process and it can not happen overnight.  For the average human being can take months or even years.  There will be constant improvement.  Not the situation like now:  when we have almost no improvement and just constant control.

Q: One person says a Russian Physicist Dr. Serge Sal  says any talk of Planet X is dis-information and used to generate fear and conflict and of course there’s many other people talking about dwarf suns and planets etc.  Could you please comment again?

COBRA – Yes, I’ve said this many times.  Yes, there is planet X. It’s orbiting the outer region of the solar system and no – there is no Nibiru, there is no object crashing into earth, coming closer to earth or having any type of danger for planet earth.

Q: Can you please clarify again in regards to the Archons and the story of Enlil and Enu? Can you explain a little more what their interaction is.  You’ve made it clear before that this is only one group of E.T.  that had influence on the planet.  Some people are feeling they are a major influence and think they are still active.  Can you clarify people from planet Nibiru and their story?

COBRA – The whole story about Nibiru is dis-information.  It’s a fake story.  It’s not based on truth.

Q: So Zacharia Sitchin’s book is not based in truth?  (Exactly)   This is going to be hard for some to swallow but Dr. Strange who’s also in contact with Valiant Thor gave me the exact same information.  This information is info written from text and older text which is basically is just dis-information and mis info.

COBRA – Sitchin did not translate those Sumerian texts correctly.

Q: So you’re saying they are incorrectly translated? (exactly) Q: Was this done on purpose? (exactly) Thank you.  That’s going to stir some pots I’m sure.  Q: Can the etheric Archon grid be describe as kind of an artificial intelligence who’s primary objective is to  infinitely repeatedly loops and manipulate the electrical fields of human so as to maximize suffering and negative emotions?

COBRA – Yes, it can be described as such.

Q: What was the effect of the G-2 cloud if any?

COBRA – The light forces have protected the solar system against any possible increase of radiation.  That event has passed already and it will not have any neg. effect on humanity. The only effect was an interjecting on time around April and May when the peak of that transition happened was an very intense purification of etheric planes and astral planes.  It was a very hard time for many human beings because a lot of darkness from those planes have  been purified and consequently there were many attacked on the light workers and light warriors from those dark forces which were loosing ground at that time.

Q: How come we’re allowed to evolve where we are today with technology and knowledge and the dark ones are so advanced in their technology.? Why haven’t they stopped us? Are they playing with us to see glimpses of freedom, then wham – to keep us suffering some more?

COBRA – They have tried to stop the evolution as much as possible.  I wouldn’t say this planet  is technologically advanced.  It’s one of the most backwards planets I have experience.

Q: I have also heard from other sources I respect who state that on most planets, what we call origin planets that begin and evolve into a species level that when they reach a certain level of development in their tribal state, they reach a very high technological state of advancement very quickly and usually go from a tribe to actually a technology beyond us.  The fact that we have had a slow mechanical industrialization technology is actually part of the cabal, is that correct?  (exactly)  Thank you.  Q: How is it possible to make psychic contact with the space family ships circling our planet?

COBRA – OK.  It’s a tricky situation.  I will put it this way, you can have contact with the light forces only after you have made contact with your own higher self.  You can only make contact with those forces, with the light forces through your own higher self.  If you don’t have that contact through your own higher self, and you try to make contact with the light forces you will most likely get to the astral plane and etheric plane, and of course the Archon’s will interfere.  I would suggest for everybody first to make direct and stable contact with your own higher self.

Q: What is the part that LOVE plays in this whole liberation of the planet?

COBRA – OK.  Love is the core, it is the essence of life and when the cabal is removed, love will be the basis of human reality again because that is our birthright.

Q: Clearly the cabal can not stop people from loving as we do have that ability within ourselves correct? (exactly)  Are we going into a time when we are redefining the contrast in our world, good/bad, light/dark, and control/freedom? We seem to have created monuments to both ends that do not serve us.  Going beyond those extreme ends to a new model of compassion, creativity and feeling w/o fear.  Is that is what is coming forward or do we keep having these contrast of light and dark after the event or something different?

COBRA – The contrast with light/dark was never intended to exist.  The dark was not intentionally created.  It was the result of the contingency random function that was created out of the void.  When the dark forces are removed there will be no more need for darkness to exist.  The contrast that will continue It will not be a polarity contrast between light and dark.  It will be a natural contrast between different life experiences, which will be more or less of a positive nature.

Q: Is it true that E.T.’s can and will influence people in their sleep before and during their sleep?

COBRA – Yes – they influence people in their waking life still.

Q: How is this permission given for them to do that or is it beyond permission in some way?

COBRA – It’s a soul agreement. Everybody that has been incarnated on the planet and belongs to the light forces.  All the light workers and light warriors made an agreement with the light forces to be assisted in the awakening process.  of course you can cancel that agreement, but I would not recommend. Of course it’s good to have some loving help from our brothers and sisters from the stars.

Q: The souls of the animals where they come from? Why are they coming here to experience such traumatic conditions and clearly the galactic forces know about holocaust and eco and genocide of entire species on our planet? Could you comment about the souls of these beings and how they fit in this process and what the GFO will be doing to assist them?

COBRA – It’s an unfortunate situation.  All the life streams on this planet have been actually made hostage to the cabal and the animals are not excluded to this.  After the event happens it will be a big relief for all the life streams on this planet because they will given much loving healing and attention.  Many of the life forces will be resorted to their previous beauty.

Q: Do light forces or other Galactic Federation forces have plans in place in phasing out of animal agriculture via alternative methods of food production, i.e.; replicators and other advanced methods?

COBRA – Yes, of course.  There might be some people that still need to eat meat but that will be done in a much more loving and humane way than it’s done now.  It will not be a mass  industry  as it is now.  This will be over.  This will be finished.

Q: How long until the planet gradually becomes vegetarian? 

COBRA – This is an individual process. Some people are already vegetarian and some people will take quite some time.  The only thing I can say, if an animal is killed for food, it’s part of a life cycle and not a part of an industry for profit.  It’s a different story.  Some people are of a stage that need meat as a dietary food intake.

They have no other source of food.  Some people still hunt on the planet and that is how they gain their sustenance.  I understand that.  I’m sure that’ll probably bring about some feelings in people. Eventually things will be changed and the Lion will lay down with the lamb. According to Sharula or Boni both names are correct of the Inner earth. Q: We will one day see animals who are actually carnivores will become grass eaters.  That’s correct isn’t it? 

COBRA – Yes that is correct.  It is the same process with human beings.  For Human beings this can take some time to adjust.

Q: Is the planet ascending now? Is this a slow gradual process or will the ascension of the planet?

COBRA – The planet is not ascending yet because it is under control of the Archons and their technology.  Ascension process will begin at the event.

Q: If a person dies prior to the event while the Archons are still in control of the reincarnation machinery of the earth, or she has a chance of escaping the forced reincarnation if they’re prepared with the knowledge of the Archons?

COBRA – It is possible but not easy.  It was always possible to escape that re-birth mechanism but it was never easy, and it’s still not easy.  But if you have some understanding of the Archons, it’s gets easier because you can orient yourself after the death process and you’ll know what’s going on.

Q: It seems that many of the light workers that they would have agreed to the Archon control and taken the reincarnation in order to serve their fellow brothers and sisters in the matrix?

COBRA – It’s one thing to follow the Archon process and it’s another thing to make a conscious choice to incarnate and help other beings. Those are different stories.

Q: So some beings have had no choice but to re-incarnate, is that correct? 

COBRA – Yes and some beings have a plan to assist humanity, but the Archons chose their parents.  This is the reason why many of the light workers have problems with their parents because they did not choose their parents, Archons chose their parents.

Q: Does there exist an age of the soul.  How can we know the age of the soul.  Are the bad guys the older wiser souls who gave the good ones the chance to have the experience of being lighted?

COBRA – The whole concept of age of soul is mis-guided.  Soul does not gain experience through linear time.  I would rather call it the Wisdom of the soul and it has nothing to do with the age of the soul.  And No, the dark forces are not wise they are actually immature and very mis-guided souls.

Q: Is there such a thing as twin flames – and obviously twin flame means one.  Can you have more?  Obviously there’s Soul family groups.  Is there such a thing as twin flames. Can you talk about that?

COBRA – Twin soul.  Every being before descended from a higher dimension had to split into male/female polarity and these are the so-called twin souls.  You’ll always have just one.  But you have many soul mates and soul mates are being have the same origin, they came from the same soul family.  They had the same general evolution after emerging as a soul group from the galactic central sun.

Q: Based on my knowledge, eventually as a soul evolves and ascends, they will actually merge with their twin flame and actually go into a unified, kind of a dualistic being on another plane level afterwards, is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, that merger happens first there will be a certain moment before your ascension where you meet your twin soul and you will grow together and ascend together in most cases.  After your ascension there will be a certain moment when those beings merge again into one being which has completely integrated male/female polarities.

Q: For some people it could happen shortly after the event?

COBRA – It’s far beyond the understanding and the level of conscious of even the most advanced beings on this planet at this point.

That’s not an arrogant statement folks.  It’s just a metaphysical understanding.  Believe me I many others and myself, I won’t speak for Cobra, but that type of information is told to us.

COBRA – There is so much more to evolution that is far beyond the stage we are now in.  The event is not the end of evolution. The event is the beginning of the real evolution.  There is so much more waiting for us.

Q: If we ascend will we be in physical bodies after.  Will we be able to modify our bodies?

COBRA – After ascension you will not have a physical body any more because you will be beyond the 3rd dimension but of course you can project a hologram into that 3rd dimension but you will not be identified by that hologram.  It will just be a of your consciousness in this dimension

Q: For those of us on the earth,  do we have one origin planet or one galaxy where we came from or are we soul wanderers.  Is it true our home could be on a light ship?

COBRA – Most souls have originated from the central sun of this galaxy and some souls from central sun of some other galaxies.  And then of course we Went through various star systems and we spent time of various planets and a lot of time on mother ships and of course most of humanity has been created here on this planet and has grown and evolved on this planet.

Q: The souls actually originated on the grand central sun.  Did they have a life there or did they just originate  and the soul was created and maybe had a first incarnation on a planet?

COBRA – The central sun is a birthing star gate for the soul.  Then souls are actually, they emerge from the galactic central sun and they travel and they gain experience first in the central region of the galaxy and afterward they of course wander in different directions.

Q: For the people that created pain and sorrow for us in this life, is this our earned karma or is this the same as life before, between, Atlantis and now?

COBRA –  The whole idea of Karma is an Archon creation – is because they want you to feel guilty for something you haven’t done and they don’t want you to resist the negative action of the cabal.  it’s not that we have done something wrong and we are punished or we need to learn a lesson.  The only lesson we need to learn is to say “NO” to those creations to the Archons, to the Cabal to the illuminati, say no and Liberate the planet.

Q: Who’s the main overseer or director of this planetary liberation process? Commander Ashtar, The God Source and under who’s guidance are you working?

COBRA – There is no boss,  there are simply different beings who have different roles in the process and is guided from the source directly through various roles and various functions.  I have many contacts with many beings on many different dimensions.  Some are on planet and some are off planet.

Q: You have stated that the brotherhood of the Star connects through Sirius through the Jupiter command.  Can you tell us something more about the Jupiter command?

COBRA – The Jupiter Command is one division of Galactic Confederation which has it’s main strong hold on _?__ near the Galleon moons of Jupiter and it’s holding the being, holding the star gate for this solar system because the energy of cosmic love is flowing from Sirius star system and is being transmitted through the 4 main central lines of Jupiter in the inner solar system and that is their function.  What they do is the command does sends rays of love and light through the symbolic group of 144,000 light workers and light warriors or __?__ to awaken them and prepare them for their mission for the greater plan.

Q: There are people now who are totally in the dark doing bad things against their brothers and sisters.  Not just getting upset and taking things personally.  Will they get some healing after the event.  Will they be enlightened?  Is forgiveness for everybody?  Will every bad person involved in things have to apologize? 

COBRA – As I’ve said before, those who have done bad things.  They will have 2 choices – to accept the light.  They will get forgiveness but they will have to correct their past actions.  It’s not that everything is suddenly OK.  They will have to go through certain alignment process.  They will have to work actively to correct what they have done.  This can sometimes takes years or even lifetimes.  Those that who will not be able or refuse to accept the light will be taken to the central sun.

Q: Are there any Cabal bases still operating within our solar system?

COBRA – All the cabal bases have been cleared from the solar system, entirely from Mars, from moon, from asteroid belt.  They are gone.

Q: You mentioned there are many positive light force bases being prepared within the system.  How long does it take to make a light base by the GFL?

COBRA – A few days at the maximum.

Q: What type of operations will be going on from those bases?

COBRA – It depends on the time frame.  Right now one of the major operations is removing the Chimera group.

Q: Is it true that the higher realms don’t have a free will like we have on earth?  Is it different?

COBRA – It is not true.  Everybody has free will in this universe.

Q: There are star seeds incarnating to help with the ascension process.  Except from the physical Archons, cabal and Chrimera group are there also beings incarnated who came here to block the evolution of common people just to block the good influence wherever they can?

COBRA – The groups that you named are the ones blocking the evolution.

Q: Are there any positive reptilians and I guess everyone wants to think of this as certain beings that have a certain look and they want to hear your answer.  Are there any positive reptilian groups?  What is the process of those beings that have been liberated form the dark side and are receiving healing.  Can you speak a little about what is happening to them? What are they doing now?

COBRA – Is there is a small percentage of the reptilian race that have accepted the light and are  now working together with the light forces.  They have their own planets also in this sector of the galaxy.  There are some planets who are dedicated to those reptilian forces and those beings.  Those beings are now developing their higher emotional body.  They are developing positive emotions under the alliance of the light forces.

Q: You mentioned some of the negative Archon stronghold use to be in the Orion and Regale system.  It’s also  stated in many ancient text and according to J.J. Hurtak some of the regions of pure light and powerful forces of creation actually emanated from the Orion system.  Is that correct as well?

COBRA – That is correct.  Orion is a very big constellation.  The distance between stars and the orion system can be 10 or even hundreds of light years and one segment of the Orion constellation belongs only to the light forces.  Now the whole sector of the Orion has been liberated and light forces are everywhere in the Orion system.

Q: So there is no more dark forces in the Orion system now?

COBRA – No, no, not any more.

Q: Did the original human beings that have the12 DNA stands come from Lyria or – did they come form the Vegan star system?

COBRA – The answer is no.

Q: Is the Annunaki as they’re talked about, whether the  story is true or not, did they alter the 12 stand DNA and mix the human DNA with the monkey to create a hominoid species that became the 2 strand of DNA of humans?

COBRA – That is not exactly what happened.  But yes, there was a lot of genetic manipulation taking place with the purpose of shutting off the higher contact of human beings to keep them controlled.  What is described is not exactly what happened.

Q: Is the Ego actually what we know as the reptilian brain?

COBRA – It is not exactly the same.  Actually the whole concept of ego is ? of  creation.  People can just forget about the whole concept and just focus on expressing who they are.  Forget about the whole concept.  That would be my suggestion.

Q: Is Lucifer a prime creator  (NO)  OK.  Q: What about the view that an ascended being going into ascension as serving yourself and not serving others?

COBRA – OK.  Ascension is liberation from space/time continuum.  It’s beyond all mind concept or  ? what.  It’s simply living and radiating love and light.

Q: What is the logos, the sub logos, proti  and Metatron?

COBRA – There are beings on a galactic level who have emanated from levels beyond the galactic central sun that are actually guiding the evolution of certain stars and star systems, star clusters and those are the beings who are monitoring the evolution of various sectors of the galaxy.  I would say they are angels in a very high state of evolvement.

Q: Would you agree that in the ancient text that the Nephelim were a mixture between angels and humans and God had not allowed this to happen and that’s why the angels who did that had to go through much pain and sorrow?

COBRA – No, I would not agree with that.  It’s a . .  I would say, a fabricated story, I would say a doctored story.  It is true there were many star races that came to this planet, some good, some of them were not so good.  It’s true that they interacted with humanity but it’s not . . . the way it’s described has been doctored in a way it’s described from a ___? point of view.   Actually it’s integration an evolution process in direction of many different races with humanity.  Interaction of positive races has actually assisted humanity in speeding up the evolution of humanity.  Interaction with not so positive races has slowed down the evolution of humanity.  It’s a very complex process that happened for many thousands of years.

Q: We have these multi-dimension or various light beings.  Have they had conjugal relations and physical interactions as far as creating humans on the earth?

COBRA – I would not say the majority of star races did not interact directly with humanity, but yes, some of them did.

Q: Osiris, Ra and Thoth, if you can give us a true historical story there of that time and if these beings are all-positive or was one of them a dark force or more of them.  What actually happened there?

COBRA – Those stories are a collective memory of the time of Atlantis when those beings were actually human beings, or hero’s or anti-hero’s who were walking on the surface of the earth.  Most of them were of a positive nature. Osiris, Thoth, Ra and Isis were of the light.  Then we have the negative nature -We have Set who was the leader of the dark forces in that period of time.  Those are all beings from different star systems.  Some of them were coming from Sirius, some of them were coming Orion and some were coming from Pleiades.  Hathor came from the Pleiades. She was a goddess of light. They were living in the collective memory of the Egyptian people simply because Egypt was a colony of Atlantis before the deluge and people in Egypt had a collective memory of those times.

Q: Lumeria and Atlantis, what was the process there? Why were they invaded and why weren’t they able to defend themselves.  How did such a high civilization come into conflict with Lumeria.  How were they destroyed?

COBRA – Lumeria was existing far before Atlantis.  There was no war between Lumeria and Atlantis.  People don’t have those facts straight.  It was a long time ago and memory has been diminished.  Atlantis what has happened is that the dark forces came from Orion and humanity and the beings living in Atlantis gave permission, they  agreed to invite them and they were curious to experience darkness simply out of un experience.  It was not a wise choice because of that period of Atlantis.  There was a lot of mind programming, experimenting with mind control which led to the final fall of man.  It lead toward the quarantine of this planet.

Q: There was also some genetic trans-species experiments going on.   Is that correct.  (Yes, that is correct.)  Q: Some people are saying that people that have mis-used the power in Atlantian times and that’s why people are afraid of power and this whole system is a repeat of the Atlantian situation.  Is this our chance to, again the person was thinking of karma and it works like we have fix that situation and of course we have to learn?

COBRA – I would not completely agree.  Yes there are similarities with the situation in Atlantis but it’s a new story.  It’s not going to end like Atlantis.  People have this collective memory of cataclysm and it’s not going to happen again.  Yes, there are certain beings that have the same rules, for example the leaders of the cabal were the leaders of the cabal then, but now as a collective we have much more power to change the outcome.  It’s not about karma it’s about free will.  It’s about our decision, our collective decision and it’s also about a cosmic change of the new golden age and the re-structuring of this sector of the galaxy that will improve this planet and will liberate this planet.

Q: The clearing influence of the etheric plane, you mentioned things were moving along.  They wanted to know how much more is there to be done before it’s safe?  Does the RM think still think it’s safe to do the event before the non-physical planes are cleared or has that changed?

COBRA – It is possible that the event will happen before they are cleared.  It depends on the situation.  If we have a drastic emergency on the surface of the planet like a major planetary war happening the event can be triggered before the non physical planes are cleared.   It’s a tactical decision that will be made in the situation itself. But the progress of the clearing of the etheric plane has not progressed enough to say it’s safe because it’s not yet.

Q: Is this your first planetary liberation process that you’ve been involved in or have you taken part in others, other lives and other planets?

COBRA – It’s not the first one but it’s definitely the last one.

Q: What are we going to do after ascension and how long in your personal guesstimate right now, no one will hold you to a time clock.  How long would you say until the planet will have made it’s ascension? Is there a final dead-line point?

COBRA – OK.  I will not go into details of the ascension process.  We have a 50 year time frame between 1975 and 2025 and we’re within this window when the planetary liberation is supposed to happen.

Q: Is there an expiration date for the event?

COBRA – I would not say an expiration date but there is a certain time window when the event is more likely and when it is supposed and planned to happen.  We’re within that time window now.

Q: Is it possible, after we achieve liberation that the human free will will make a wrong turn and something negative could happen here as far as the dark force?

COBRA – NO, because darkness will not be allowed to exist any more.

Q: Some of these ancient Indian things and certain people spiritualist have said – after this current process there will be prosperity for 1,000 years.  So clearly It’s going to be a permanent thing that were re-writing and understanding the true history of the earth and that the liberation of the earth will be permanent and there will be no longer lack of prosperity.   We’ll be in a completely different frequency.  Correct?

COBRA – Yes, it will be a permanent and irreversible process when we are liberated.  We will never be slaves again.  It’s not going to happen.





[ Transcript edited to focus upon important questions and information.
Link to full transcript can be found at the end of the interview ]


Q: Can you tell us, I definitely felt like a little shift on Saturday. It seemed almost imperceptible, and it seems as though lately there’s been a lot of dissension, a lot of wind-swing around people’s emotions. I’ve noticed a lot of anxiety. Is this the compression of astral parasites and archons reacting?

COBRA: Exactly. You see, the ships, the mother ships of the Galactic Confederation, have been positioned inside of the Oort cloud around the solar system, and now they are entering the solar system, and this creates quite much of a pressure on the surface on the planet, which triggers all the suppressed etheric archons and their technologies, so they are reacting quite strongly and this can actually be felt as a pressure on your energy field.

Q: Well, that’s something that I personally had various experiences. What do you suggest for people who are feeling this? Especially for those other people in their lives who have no idea what is going on. What’s the best way for people to deal with these intense pressures?

COBRA: There are a few things you can do. Number one is to go in nature because if you are away from mass of human population these etheric pressure is less because the archons tend to concentrate in human densely populated areas. So, this is number one. Number two is make your own connection with your own higher self and the light forces. This will tend to remove part of the pressure. Of course, there are many protection techniques that you can use to protect yourself.

Q: How will The Event start, and what I will be expected to do once it starts?

COBRA: Ok, the best thing you can do is to spread real information because real information tends to decrease the amount of fear in human population. You can start doing this now and of course, at the moment of The Event and that will be even more important.

Q: What’s the main blockage, in your opinion, of the current hold up with the official announcement of the RV and transition to a more honest, transparent, and just financial system?

COBRA: OK, people need to understand that the so-called RV, or I would call it a reset, of the financial system is directly tied with The Event itself. No revaluation, as people call it, can happen before The Event because the cabal still holds control over the financial system. At this moment the financial system is actually a computerized network. The cabal holds the control keys of that computer network. If anybody would attempt to reevaluate currencies or create a reset before the cabal is removed, the cabal would simply not allow that to happen. So, the cabal has to be removed first to allow the reset to happen. It cannot happen with the old financial system. This is the reason why the BRICS alliance and the Eastern Alliance is building an alternative structure that will be very helpful in the whole process of the reset.

Q: Is there anything you suggest for light workers to do to hasten the end of the financial debt slavery system?

COBRA: Yes. Do the Weekly Liberation Meditation. There are not as many people as we’ve hoped doing that and that can accelerate the transition. Also spread information that you have about the situation of the planet in as many ways as possible. We have blogs, we have Facebook, we have YouTube videos. Distribute the information because information tends to awaken people and the more awakened people we have, the faster the change will happen.

Q: We know timelines change and the so-called human reality, as we perceive it, switches back according to the collective human consciousness. Has the prediction of the way The Event is supposed to occur changed in any significant way as it was originally planned? Or, have the timelines adjusted to a more softer and quieter approach scenario regarding the sociopolitical and financial reset we have all been expecting for some time?

COBRA: Ok, the general plan is still the same as I have communicated two years ago. This did not change. The only thing that changed was that it takes a little bit longer because the surface population is not cooperating as it was hoped, but the general plan is still the same.

Q: Given still the rampant corruption among politicians, bankers, governments around the world will you please tell us about the new system that will be implemented after The Event that will avoid humanity and the financial system from making the same mistake. Basically, the old boss same as the new boss in the financial system. How is it going to be different? How can we be assured, or is it still possible there would be some criminal element within the new system, or will it absolutely be failsafe and can you describe it?

COBRA: It will not be possible for any criminal elements to hide within the new system simply because the surface population will have guidance of the Light Forces directly on the physical plane. The Resistance Movement will give instructions and will monitor the whole process. That doesn’t mean they will control the whole process, but they will give intel that will expose any possible criminal activity to the masses, and that feedback loop will prevent any kind of that sort of criminal activity to happen. It will not be possible.

Q: So at this point in time, to clarify, the Resistance Movement will be engaged in more direct contact. This will be with chosen representatives. This won’t be open and declaring themselves as Agarthan network, or Planet X, or Galactic Federation members?

COBRA: That will be in the first phase. Later, they will introduce themselves directly to a certain degree.

Q: At a high level, how close are we to checkmate?

COBRA: We are very close to checkmate regarding the most actions of the cabal. So they are not, with respect of the Resistance Movement, they are not an obstacle anymore. They cannot prevent The Event. They can of course control the surface population but, by themselves, they cannot prevent The Event. The only major problem here is the Chimera group and the etheric archons with their technology. Those two groups are still powerful enough to create problems regarding The Event. Those two groups need to be dealt with before The Event can happen. There is, I would say, quite much progress regarding the Chimera group in the last, I would say, week or so. I would say a little bit of a progress regarding the etheric archons, but not enough. We’re not there yet.

Q: Will any major bank failures and/or prosecutions occur before the mass arrests occur?

COBRA: It is not very likely simply because the system is not stable enough. Maybe if there were to be a major bank failure that could destabilize the system to the point it would crash, and then of course The Event would happen immediately.

Q: Can you elaborate on what kind of law enforcement will be needed at the time of The Event. Specifically, within the US there are many people who are deeply suspicious of any military and/or police forces during the time of great uncertainty. It seems likely that The Event itself will be viewed as an imposition of permanent martial law and the beginning of a police state. So those people, mostly the preppers are saying that it sounds like the New World Order, but we know it’s not. What can be done to elevate the fears of these people and how can we get them to be participants to assist with this process?

COBRA: You will simply know by the actions of the law enforcement because the law enforcement will arrest the members of the cabal and will not turn against the general population. This will be evident quite early after the beginning of the operations. Of course, any police presence of law enforcement officials can trigger the fear in human beings, and that fear will be triggered, but most people will quite clearly, quickly realize that this is not the case, that there is no martial law being implemented, but there is an operation to arrest the members of the cabals. I would say that there is no real fear and there is no real reason for fear. Instead that fear is coming from past experiences with the cabal and their past actions because the cabal was misusing the whole idea of law enforcement and this has to be cleared.

Q: So, we will hear that the military forces at the highest level will move into position will be given very strong orders not to restrict the movements of the populace or impose any type of police state, and this will alive the fears of the populace. Correct?

COBRA: Yeah, the military will not engage general population in any way. The military will just keep back up to the police in the arrests of the cabal. That’s all.

Q: we have just expired on a Window of Opportunity and your last activation, which was successful as far as the activation. It seemed to be the best and strongest possibility to have The Event that we’ve had so far. This next Window in December 2014, what is different about this?

COBRA: OK, one thing that people need to understand the Window of Opportunity is just an increased possibility and The Event can happen at any time also outside the Window of Opportunity. The Light Forces are using the Windows of Opportunity to create an additional push toward The Event. Before the Window of Opportunity happens it is not known if the push will be strong enough to create the breakthrough. Obviously, this time it was not strong enough, but the critical mass of energy can be reached of any moment, of course. People don’t need to wait for a certain specific date or a certain specific timeframe for The Event to happen. Without us opening the portals the last few years the situation now would be much worse.. We have actually managed to divert many actions of the cabal and we have brought the situation quite far. Also, people need to understand that the situation on this planet is quite complex. The cabal had 25,000 years to build their network. Most people are only aware of existence of the cabal for a very short period of time.

Q: How long after The Event is implemented would you say mankind will take to achieve the vibrational frequency necessary to attain ascension. I know it’s an individual process, but generally speaking, how long do you think this could be?

COBRA: I would say it would be a timeframe of years.

Q: Can you reveal if the Resistance Movement has any plan to send more operatives from Planet X here to reinforce its presence and operability?

COBRA: It is not necessary, but there will be special agents coming, and not only form Planet X, but other bases of the Resistance, which are now being created throughout the solar system that will be involved in special operations.

Q: Can you expand on the kind of weather technology in the hands of the Chimera?

COBRA: Yes. What they have is scalar technology, especially plasma scalar devices, and etheric scalar devices that can influence weather systems, because weather systems are actually vortexes and vortexes are created first on the etheric plane, and after they precipitate on the physical plane they tend to create huge weather systems. And yes, they can influence that with their scalar technology to a certain degree, but not as much as people are afraid of. Not every strange weather on the planet is the result of weather modification.

Q: Yes, a lot of it is cleansing and purification, I believe. Is that correct?

COBRA: Clearing and purification and a response to increased presence of Light coming from the Galactic Central Sun, because the planet has to align with the new additional frequencies.

Q: Can you tell us, have there been any major arrests of some major archons since your last reports on this information? Have there been very many agents on the earth taken off planet and removed?

COBRA: Yes. Many have been taken off planet and removed. Not so many of them were arrested most of them were just removed off of the planet.

Q: Another question. What is the estimated number of people doing the Liberation Mediation each Sunday?

COBRA: I would say that it’s a few thousand people which is far from enough to reach the critical mass, but each person counts and even one person more joining us it would mean a lot.

Q: How can the people who have formed around the world, under different leaders who are looking for change, how can we band together?

COBRA: I would say people will only be fine when they have a region strong enough with groups long enough, and this will come at the moment of The Event. Before The Event, the Light Forces are not expecting any significant reunification of the surface population. It’s not expected.

Q: Is there the possibility that The Event may not happen during our life time?

COBRA: No. No, no. No, it will happen during our lifetime. Of course, not everybody’s going to live but I would say the vast majority of us will have it.

Q: Is the current pope going to be the last?

COBRA: Most likely, yes.

Q: Have the Light Forces already set a new plan after delays and setbacks experienced during the current Window of Opportunity?

COBRA: I would say the general plan remains the same, but I would say some minor details have been changed. The Resistance Movement will not rely as much as it was before on the activities of the surface population because the surface population did not participate during this particular Window of Opportunity. There was a little bit more conflict and less cooperation than expected. So, the Resistance Movement has decide to involve the surface population a little bit less. They will just continue with their plans and involve people on an individual basis, also on a group basis, but a little bit differently. They will not put so much emphasis on the population for the time being.

Q: What is the state of the compression has it gotten any closer to the surface of the planet? Or are will still at approximately 300 feet above and 300 feet below the surface of the planet?

COBRA: There are various layers of compression. Of course, we have the main layer which is 8.6 miles above and below the surface, and we have the other layer of compression which is about, I would say, 100 feet below and above the surface. There are various densities of this compression which change all the time as the clearing of the etheric archons is progressing.

Q: The principalities and powers that have controlled the reincarnation process with the invisible etheric implants you have spoken about on your blog. For every human on the planet basically, in order to be born you have to accept this contract. What happens now when people die? are they still forced to reincarnate through the archonic network, or are they finally free from the this world and greeted by the galactics where they receive healing they need and are free to do what they want?

COBRA: The process hasn’t changed. It’s still the same. I would like to add just a little bit to my previous answer to one of the previous answers. (OK) I would say it was a question about when The Event would happen, an yes it will happen during our lifetimes, but not the lifetimes of everybody because people are dying every day, but for the majority of us it will happen during our lifetime. Just to clarify the answer.

Q: The strangelet bombs, if these exotic weapons are on the physical are they located at military bases, mostly in the USA I guess… ?

COBRA: No. They are located in military bases everywhere on this planet.

Q: What makes a strangelet bomb any different than a nuclear bomb, as fas as the galactics have in disarming it?

COBRA: It is much more advanced technology. It is much more dangerous. It’s not so easy to dismantle and although the light forces have advanced technology, they are not omnipotent. Otherwise they would have liberated our planet a long time ago. I would say the darkness would not have been allowed to happen.

Q: From my understanding, and correct me if I’m wrong. Fred Bell, who I worked with, had always in his personal contacts, when I asked about hierarchy and different things he definitely said look it’s all hierarchy. There are many different levels. There are physical beings, like the Resistance Movement, and then there’s what he would call more subtle-physical beings, like the Pleiadians. Then there are beings from even higher dimensional spaces. So, the information that’s given to you, does this come from the higher dimensions, or is this coming from the more physical beings? Are there things that your contacts from Planet X who are physical beings, may not have awareness of or knowledge about that perhaps there are higher dimensional galactic forces that actually do have this under control, but are not revealing this at this time?

COBRA: Basically, I receive information from many sources. The Resistance Movement, the Pleiadians, higher dimensional forces, physical agents within the various aspects of the system on planet earth, and so on. So, I have different sources but yes, there was particular intel that was not released to anybody that was not ascended for quite some time, and there was some intel that was not even released to the ascended masters for some time. Not everybody knows everything because simply it would not be safe for the situation on this planet. The intel is released at the moment it does not destabilize the situation to the point, or it would lead to a planetary cataclysm, a planetary destruction, because the archons are quite emotionally unstable and if too much light is present at any moment they would get very active So, the light need to increase gradually. Intel need to gradually for everybody to absorb it and integrate it and then more intel can come.

Q: A strangelet bomb, could one bomb just blow the whole planet up? Or would it take multiple or what’s the situation?

COBRA: It could blow the planet up and then the reaction would be stopped because the Light Forces would be able to stop it when it reaches beyond the veil, but even the destruction of one planet isn’t something that we would not risk, I would think.

Q: The asteroid belt, as I understand, was involved in a previous war. Was a strangelet bomb used to destroy the planet that was in the position of the asteroid belt?

COBRA: No strangelet bombs were detonated inside of this solar system in any kind of war.

Q: What kind of destruction caused the planet to explode?

COBRA: Actually, during the Galactic Wars you had many, I would say, conventional weapons like plasma beams, lasers, those kinds of things. The strangelet bombs would also destroy them. The don’t want to be destroyed. It’s very simple. They cannot protect themselves against the strangelet bombs.

Q: Should we have to take to the streets in protest to bring about The Event, the mass arrests, and the change in government?

COBRA: The process can be effected if the critical mass is reached in a certain country, or a certain situation. If they are nonviolent and have a clear message, then the mass media cannot deny. Then the message reaches the mass of the human population, like it was with the Occupy Movement, the masses became to realize something was wrong with the banking system. So, protests do have their role in the liberation process, and it is for those who feel guided to do so. For others who are more guided to spread information online is also good. Both approaches are necessary. The physical approach and the virtual approach. Both are necessary and are welcome in the right way and the right strategy, of course.

Q: Thank you. Some people have asked has there been any progress removing the Invisibles since the last time you posted about that?

COBRA: Yes, there has been some progress, but there are still quite many of them present. So, I would say moderate progress has been achieved.

Q: What is the current state on the removal of the etheric implants? Has there been any changes in that?

COBRA: There was slight progress in that area. The etheric implants are crystals that were actually pushed into the etheric body of every newborn child on this planet by the archon network. Those implants are there to block the connection between the person and the Source, the higher self, the source of life. The removal of those implants is a gradual process. It will happen but it will take some time. Regarding people who are against my message, it is simply the archons don’t want my message to come out. Therefore, they are influencing certain people to spread negativity about me. It’s just a sign of discomfort of those archons about the message of the truth which is reaching the masses.

Q: How will the ground crew be activated during The Event?

COBRA: Yes, certain individuals will be contacted in the first phases of The Event. They will receive a phone call, or an email, or even a physical meeting with an agent of the Resistance. They will be given some instructions if they’re willing to cooperate. They will be given specific task, most likely connected with informing the masses, or maintaining the infrastructure during the transitional phase.

Q: Is there still a primary anomaly on the astral plane?, and I guess you should explain what that is for those people who don’t know that.

COBRA: Yes, there is still primary anomaly on the physical, etheric, astral and mental plane around the planet earth, inside the structure of the veil. The primary anomaly is actually a distortion of matter, which was created out of chaos. It’s a chaotic wave function on the quantum level which is actually the source of darkness. This anomaly is being purified and cleared now by the Galactic Confederation fleet, which is entering the solar system and actually dealing with this right now. It will take some time but yes, this is being dealt with right now.

Q: The Oort cloud you mentioned that was part of this last activation, was involved with ice crystals. Was this part of the transmission from the Galactic motherships to utilize the hydrogen within the Oort cloud to stimulate change?

COBRA: Oort cloud is actually a big accumulation of small cometary cores. Those cometary cores contain a lot of water, frozen water, frozen methane and other substances. And yes, the motherships were using those little ice bodies as prisms that can reflect light from the Galactic Central Sun into the solar system. You can actually feel the energy of that presence from Saturday on (May 17th), when the portal was activated. Like prisms of rainbow light, which are sending Light towards the surface of this planet. This rainbow light will be present from now on. It will bring spiritual awakening to humanity and it will help to heal all the darkness on this planet.

Q: Can you tell us about the Great Attractor? What is its nature?

COBRA: The Great Attractor is a huge accumulation of galaxies that’s so massive that it actually changes the, I would say, distorts space, time and gravity around it and attracts the neighboring galaxies towards it. There’s a very strong pull of energy towards that space. The Great Attractor has sent a signal in that quadrant of that universe for the final Victory of the Light. This has triggered mass rearrangement of energy current in our galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy, and the neighboring galaxies. This has resulted in some changes which are now bringing the motherships into the solar system. It will further result in the removal of the cabal in the near future.

Q: Reinforced by Dr. Fred Bell’s communication with some people from the Andromeda galaxy, as well as Valiant Thor. Dr. Frank Stranges revealed what he called his inner circle group, of which I was a proud member, that Valiant Thor had gone to the edge of this galaxy to meet with some people from the Andromeda galaxy to further the plans of liberation. The Great Attractor, so everything is being drawn towards it. Is this slow motion or are all the galaxies going to converge into one point of this Great Attractor?

COBRA: No, no. This will not happen. It’s just a current of energy that brings us closer to a certain degree.

Q: Can you tell us specifically, the Great Pyramid of Giza, in my mind, slaves were not used to make this particular pyramid, was it?

COBRA: Slaves were used later in monastic times of Egypt when the small pyramids were built. The bigger pyramids were built with advanced technology. There was no major slave work involved, but later after many millennia had passed all this knowledge was forgotten. Just a small group of priests remained that had a little distant memory of the glorious past. They wanted to recreate it on a smaller scale, so that was the time when the slaves were used.

Q: To be clear, when these extraterrestrials made these larger pyramids, with the higher technology, the human population joyfully joined in to create these giant edifices which were to be used as free energy devices and temples of wisdom reflecting the secrets and the mysterious of the universe, and the ascension process. Is that correct?

COBRA:Yes, actually those pyramids were built for the purpose of initiation. People could go into the chamber and experience direct experience of the Light. They were also used as coded memory banks that were full of information for future generations.

Q: Time travel has also been interesting to me because working with the Pleiadian information from Fred that their spaceships actually open up portals. Dr. Frank Stranges had told me that when he would travel from Venus one time from the surface, and one time from the center, he said both times the ship would raise up. He said he would literally see a little spiral portal, like a stargate would open up, and the next thing you knew the portal was opening right in front of the planet. There seems to be this time travel going on and you said it was hard to go into the past. Andrew Basiago in his time travel stuff, though he clearly indicates that things haven’t changed in the past and that they don’t change the big events, it seems they were traveling in the past to observe, not to change things. It gets into a mind boggling situation.

COBRA: I can explain this. It’s not actual time travel it’s a time simulation where you can recreate the past out of the Akashic records and you can have a third dimensional virtual reality experience of being present in the past events.

Q: He seems to have indicated that he actually interacted with people there.

COBRA: You shouldn’t interact with people there you will change the timeline.

Q: He said that he went multiple times, for instance to the time of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. He said each time he went certain things would change but the primary elements of the experience were the same. It’s a little different. I’m kind of curious, when we get these timelines that the neo-Nazi fascists, Rumsfeld and George Bush Sr. definitely seem to be very involved according to him, into these timeline changes. In fact, they definitely have had a plan going on trying to influence things of this nature. Is all of this being monitored by the higher galactic forces? They won’t allow these guys in any of these advanced, exotic technologies. Any shifts that they’re making are being limited, is that correct?

COBRA: The cabal cannot influence timelines. It’s not possible. We’re past December 21, 2012.

Q: So all of that information from before was based on that. Is all of this technology and jump room technology ended at this point in time?

COBRA: It has ended for the surface cabal, yes. They cannot use that technology.

Q: What about the, I guess I call them the archons, or some of the more advance ETs, do they still have the bases on Mars or are they all compressed here now?

COBRA: I would say that this is classified information at this point.

Q: We’ve talked in the past about the Atlantean and the inner circle, and the fact that it was reported by Sharula, who went by the man of Bonnie. Some friends of mine were present and her story is, Cobra if you don’t it I’ll give it to you real quick and then you can comment? Her mother was an Earth person and she married the head leader of the Telos.

COBRA: Yes, I’m aware of that story.

Q: She had transgressed some Telosian rule and she had to be banned to the surface. What happened was she was shown the Agarthan tunnels of the Earth. She was taken up in various locations to the surface of the Earth and at various points of time she is allowed to go into the inner tunnels, but not into the higher vibrational fields of Telos or the inner Earth. The people that I know who physically met her told me that her skin is similar to one of the Pleiadians that I met. He said she had very kind of Oriental eyelids, and she looked very unique physically. One of the things they mentioned was that her skin was like marble. The one ET guy that I met, that Fred called James, I could see through his skin almost. I could see the blood and veins a little deeper through his skin. It almost looked like marble and I have to say that the blood veins looked blue. I don’t know if that’s what they get the blue blood from, but I guess the question is with these higher vibrational worlds that exist within the inner Earth, how is that integration going to take place. They’re on a completely different frequency for us on the surface. Isn’t that correct?

COBRA: To a certain degree, yes. This interaction will be gradual. First, only the most advanced individuals will be allowed in certain areas, then certain direction will happen, which will open more of that interaction to be possible.

Q: Can you talk about Sanat Kumara, his mission and how that relates to the Atlantean inner circle, the Ascended Masters, and humanity?

COBRA: Sanat Kumara is an overseer of the whole evolution on this planet for the last, I would say, eight million years. He’s not present in a physical body because his consciousness is evolved far beyond that. His energy is present here as a silent watcher and he watches the whole progress. He occasionally send a ray of energy into this planetary sphere to accelerate evolution and to balance things and to harmonize things. People who have reached their own ascension throughout their cycle of Earth incarnations are actually receiving direct, or indirect, energy transmissions from him to assist in the planetary liberation process.

Q: Fred Bell always had a picture of Sanat Kumara and a candle that burned in from of his picture in his house. It burned for the 35 years that I knew him. The candle never was extinguished, it was always transferred from candle to candle. That’s quite a discipline. Is there any way that the people on the surface, the light workers, could connect to these overseeing divine presence that’s overshadowing the planet and trying to help the ray itself?

COBRA: Yes, of course. People can connect with Ascended Masters. Some people can even reach and contact Sanat Kumara indirectly though energy transmissions. I would like to add here that many people have misconceptions about the Ascended Masters, which were disseminated in the past by the archons. One of those misconceptions is that there’s a certain kind of ridged priority between the Ascended Masters and the masses, which is not true. The Ascended Masters are organic beings of Light, which transmit energies in full alignment with the Divine Plan, which is dynamic and alive. They have no need to control humanity. They have no need to have any type of agenda. They’re only here to assist in the liberation of humanity because they themselves went through the process of liberation, and they would like to share the same process with the rest of humanity. They are not masters in a sense of being above us, they are like our brothers and sisters who share the same essence with us. They only difference is that they are beyond the programming on the matrix.

Q: There used to be a city where the Gobi Desert now exists, and the fact that it is a desert is a result of some sort of explosion, or maybe Atlantean wars where the city once existed called Shambala. It has been exploded and is now a desert. But he maintains that there’s another city that exits above the desert in the etheric plane, which he calls Shambala the Lesser. Is that correct?

COBRA: There was a city on the physical plane in the Gobi Desert, and yes it was destroyed by nuclear war a long time ago in the past. There was actually a city below the surface of the Earth, and there was an etheric city but the etheric city has been destroyed during the archon invasion in 1996.

Q: The archon invasion actually was successful in certain areas?

COBRA: Yes, if the archon invasion would not have been so successful we would have liberated the planet because the only way the cabal could hold on so long was because they have taken over the energy grid on the etheric plane.

Q: If you could talk about the Atlantean inner circle, that I believe they have certain points upon the Earth. Perhaps beneath the Giza complex in Luxor, a strong focal of light within the Himalayas. There are various groups. Are these groups physical? Would these Atlantean beings interact with Telosians, or are there different hierarchies with in the Agarthan network?

COBRA: OK, step by step. First there are physical groups of Atlantean’s below the surface, and some of those people they are in the same body for 25,000 years. The main group is in the Himalayas and there are many other groups in other areas below the surface. They are in communication with the Agarthan network and with the Resistance Movement. They are cooperating together quite effectively on the planetary liberation.

Q: One of the great things to come forward in the future will of course will be the revelations, after it’s safe, after The Event. Evidence of your interaction with the Resistance Movement will be given, but of course many other ancient mysteries and artifacts, and truths of the history to this planet will be brought forward. Eventually, humanity will begin to actually interact with these beings. Will they be lowering their vibrational energies to come with us, or will we be raising up on the surface to be able to perceive and interact with them?

COBRA: Both. They will not actually be lowering their vibrational frequency, but they will adjust their energy field so human being can interact with them. Those interactions will be very brief and partial at the beginning with the most advanced part of human population, and then after some time this will extend as human population begins to awaken and understand the situation more. It will be a gradual process that will expand exponentially.



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